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Min Ning a pro – Ningxia Fujian to deepen cooperation in Tourism — tourism spectrum new channel superrecovery

"Min Ning a pro – Ningxia Fujian to deepen cooperation in Tourism — tourism channel spectrum new original title: Fujian Ningxia a pro – Ningxia Fujian tourism cooperation to deepen the new chapter to conscientiously implement the Fujian Ningxia mutual learning mutual counterpart helping poverty alleviation twentieth joint meeting, September 7-8, by participating in the Sino US high-level dialogue Tourism the machine’s meeting, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Director Wu Xiande led the Provincial Tourism Bureau main business offices responsible person and the provincial tourism development group, Fujian Bao, Fujian tourism group Emerald Bay Tourism Development Company Limited, Fujian ancient cultural tourism development Co. Ltd., Quanzhou Licheng Hotel, Beijing based group (executive vice president of the Beijing chamber of Commerce in Fujian unit) and other 6 companies responsible person went to Ningxia investigation, and to deepen the two provinces tourism market development, tourism investment and poverty alleviation in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and East Fujian Ningxia Tourism exchanges and cooperation in the south coast of consultations to jointly promote the maritime Silk Road and the land Silk Road Tourism cooperation. The evening of September 7th after arriving in Yinchuan, Ningxia Tourism Commission Director Xu Xiaoping, the Commission offices responsible enterprise and Ningxia tourism investment group, Ningxia China, Ningxia Credit Suisse Group, Ningxia Huaxia riverside town, Helan Mountain Art Yinchuan 1958 creative industry leisure area and the person in charge of the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Fujian entrepreneurs held Fujian Ningxia tourism cooperation forum may, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the new foundation in the early, rural tourism development, the development of investment projects, the organization of personnel training, tourism financial support and other aspects of the in-depth exchanges. Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau in the year to arrange 200 thousand yuan of funds Ningxia twinning 2 poverty village, this year Ningxia organized 1 training courses of tourism talents (60), the development of tourism project investment poverty alleviation agreement. In September 8th, the Fujian study group for research in Yongning County of Yinchuan City, in-depth investigation, the support of their counterparts in the Fujian Ningxia Zhenyuan long immigration village, inspected the village and rural tourism resources, joint research and Yongning County leadership counterpart support measures, identified by the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and Fujian tourism related enterprises to raise funds to help the construction of original 1 million grand Tourist Service Center (village history museum). Helan mountain 1958 creative industry leisure area, ecological tourism official Park, the southern suburbs of Yongning leisure sports ecological park, the cultural center, Helan Shandong Lu and other major credit suisse spa town tourism project study group also visited the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region focus on investment. To understand the investment scale, cooperation mode, preferential policy, market prospect and so on. On September 9-10, the Fujian study group to Wuzhong investigation, respectively, to the investment focus of Wuzhong City Qingtongxia Town, Qingtongxia Bird Island, East Tower Mu people village health industry park project inspect. Beijing Li Gen group (vice chairman of Beijing Fujian chamber of Commerce unit) chairman Zhang Zhixiong of the Qingtongxia town project expressed strong interest, and a detailed understanding of the relevant circumstances and policies Qingtongxia Town, Wuzhong City Tourism Bureau said contact and back as soon as possible after the early days to the investment. In the investigation of 3 days, Fujian entrepreneurs to participate in research on the southern frontier? The magic Ningxia "natural ecology and historical and cultural resources of praise).相关的主题文章: