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Mid Autumn Festival to send you 10 reasons for happiness – Sohu maternal-www.yn111.net

Mid Autumn Festival to send you the 10 reasons for happiness – Sohu maternal and child finishing bed outside the clean can help you to achieve inner peace and creativity. A simple way to keep fit and happy is to make the bed and tidy it every day. The smell of roses or other good things can make you smell not time-consuming, laborious even without money on improving mood. Follow the "one minute rule" is unread messages and other chores flooded? The one minute rule is that I can do nothing in a minute. Hang up the coat in time, print and fill out the documents in time, read the letters in time and throw them away. Set the alarm to wake you up, not only because of mood and sleep is linked, so those who do not want to turn off the lights to sleep the best to set an alarm, will benefit a lot from. For many people, the alarm is indeed very effective, they just need a reminder. Don’t like this book? Don’t look at it. If I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it. So why not use the same logic for reading? With a piece of this proposal is especially helpful to parents: when leaving the room, bring a thing. This little thing won’t take too much time and energy. Listen to a happy music sounds familiar, but it is very useful. Flopover kiss the person you love the ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists agree that the feelings may be the key to happiness, so at any time, do some deepen feelings or expand the communication that can make you happier. There is a direct link between the rules of light and happiness, and strict rules allow one to free from the pain of decision making.相关的主题文章: