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Mid Autumn Festival blessing another see Festival-polartec

The Mid Autumn Festival blessing: I wish you for seeing another growth! Health auspicious Vin Gamarupoche when the festive season, we always see full screen blessing and thanks. Just with these good wishes, let us be grateful and cherish special holiday and a rare reunion. Always before and after the festival, the beauty of our humanity will show so vividly. Feel all the good one, will be blessed and send blessings around in a festive day. This kind of good wishes to each other, will inspire us to love the passion of life, but also let us receive the blessing of the moment and feel the beauty of life. Every day is over, the festival is also. Perhaps this year’s festival, people will feel, review of previous years, this year once good friends still wishing each other, there will be people, once friends, have no goodbye. Parents watched the children more than usual for some, or their parents and add more white hair. Also, last year this year, but healthy, because the body is not good, only left the ward. There are a lot of possibilities, or impermanence, will be in a special holiday, and touch the special feelings. Of course, as usual, only to see, is a full moon when. However, suffered misfortune, in the reunion, moved by sight. Year after year of the festival, from everyone’s subjective hope to see more beautiful, with more vision, look forward to the next year. But, as the blessing of dharma. We are not only limited in the secular level good wishes and positive desire, at the same time, we also need some time in the attitude to look at the year after year. All right, of course, is the most sincere wishes. However, this does not allow us to celebrate, but forget the nature of reincarnation and impermanence of uncertainty. Too often feel good, will let our heart more persistent. But too depressed, will make our lives become more passive. So, avoid leaning to either side’s attitude to life, will make our life more close to happiness. No matter how much the world, no matter how happy reunion festival, to the Buddhist attitude seeing another festival, not a negative tone, but let us have at the moment, can be truly thankful, for the loss of the past, can also be at home. No matter whether the basic blessing is confined to the friendship and affection, for past grievances, can also be a hardship. The same Festival, always have a year after year, but the heart may be different year after year. No matter how many years, experienced by the passions, try to spend the holiday time in can, to make a summary. This year’s reunion, is not necessarily the reunion of the coming year, the matter ancient difficult. Wish you all in the festival reunion when not happy with the etheric and heart, pride and dedication, not wanting to feel upset and angry ruin. May each other’s wishes be presented with true equality and sincerity. Like all sentient beings, to witness harmony because no self, rather than clinging to not clear the false heart complacent. Another see the festive season, give everyone except wish!相关的主题文章: