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Michelin into the shop of the Bund Cantonese restaurant Baoxuan Royal Star source-crycry

Michelin into the shop of the Bund source star Cantonese restaurant Royal Baoxuan Intro: on September 21st, the "Michelin red guide · Shanghai volume" officially released, a flavor of "Qu Lin meters into the shop", is in progress. (source: Enjoy Yaqu Author: Siyu) (original title: "Yu Baoxuan: the the Bund source of foreign land refresher |" m Fun Forest "into the shop") the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! In September 21st, the "Michelin red guide · Shanghai volume" officially released. Four senior chowhound first time to build global compilation program of Shanghai Enjoy Fenduo Yaqu, opened a "Star" tour, respectively tasting four different styles of delicacy: Hangzhou cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, barbecue and Western-style food. Enjoy certification Yaqu chowhound + Michelin star restaurant, a flavor of "Qu Lin meters into the shop", is in progress. Last, let us follow @ Siyu, arrived at the source of the Bund star Cantonese restaurant – Royal Baoxuan, let this five years living in Guangdong to tell you how to evaluate her chowhound, this restaurant. Michelin star rating: Address: Huangpu District No. 99 Beijing East Road Yifeng · the Bund source 4 floor reservation Tel: 021-53081188 reference: 250 yuan per capita decoration style: Retro restaurant scene: the wind for family dinner, elders, friends friendship tips: some dishes to be scheduled in advance of the Bund source, the Suzhou River and Huangpu River at this intersection into the origin of the Bund the bustling, Shanghai is the starting point in 1843 officially opened to the. The Bund source "Yifeng building, water red brick walls, Baroque dome, 124 meters wide along the street facade is now still the one and only the streets of the Bund scenery. Yifeng building in this piece bearing the moving story of the land, in 2016, the Bund is located in the source of the Royal Bauhinia to become the mainland first selected "Michelin guide" the Cantonese restaurant. With the source of the Bund yearning for Cantonese cuisine has a special liking, and more on the "Michelin" out of curiosity, I decided to go back to the Royal bridge. A reservation contrary to expectation "Michelin guide" successfully launched second days 9 nights, I called the Royal Baoxuan phone book, with selected Cantonese restaurant, I heard was a controversial Tang GE has not hit into the phone, and small hi Guangdong No. 8 to defy the law, is also unable to connect. Wait for the moment when a restaurant waiter was ringing voice interrupted, there was a wordless moved. "Excuse me, which day is the earliest?" "Which day would you like to book?" "September 30th night." "No problem!" "Stew and roast duck to the reservation?" "The spot can be." …… Specify the time and the number of meals, telephone contact, and Royal Baoxuan point the day and await for it. Shanghai Michelin official App screenshot VS Royal Baoxuan authentic local acquaintance, tall VS down to earth in September 30th 1.相关的主题文章: