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Meng meng! The child is afraid of injections of Haining freaky to 2 year old daughter is wearing a white coat young parents are estimated to have encountered such a situation, when the children went to the hospital to vaccination, every time crying endlessly! What should I do? Distressed child is on the one hand, but always can not help but ah! Jiaxing, Haining, a young lady wishing to miss a way, very effective! Ms. Zhu’s daughter named small coke, 2 years old, who lives in Haizhou community. I wish to introduce Ms., in the small coke 1 years and a half or so to go to the physical examination, blood is very afraid, every time a struggle. She would like to face directly than to deceive her, her better. So she was going to buy her daughter a kit for the doctor’s toys, so that she was familiar with the doctor’s work, but also allows her to experience at home as a small doctor. So Ms. Zhu spent more than 160 yuan, bought a very complete set of equipment, syringes, sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, medicine, thermometer, and a white doctor, hat and a mask. After buying, coke is very interested in home like to give mom and dad injections, body temperature. I said to her, the doctor is not terrible, the injection is also a little bit of pain, tolerance on the past." A few days ago, a small coke to fight the needle, the mother will put this set of equipment is also taken to the hospital. Came to the city people’s Hospital (Changhai Hospital of Shanghai Haining branch), where the registration is on the second floor, coke mother gave Cola changed clothes, hats, masks, this not, coke quickly into the role, "to other children, with an air of importance" and "injection" of doctors and nurses. Meng Meng Da "little doctor" attracted many parents of children of the crowd. When it was her turn to take a shot, she was still a little scared and struggled. But Coke dressed like nurses at her, smiled and said: "aunt will play a little light." I also wish to comfort her daughter, will be a little pain, count to 3. When the needle, small coke cried only twice, it’s going to be okay. With the previous vaccination compared to a world of difference! After the needle, the child is like something has not happened, continue to be busy for others to inject". Back home, mother and daughter have a dialogue, the hospital fun?" "Fun", "does it hurt?" Does the baby cry?" Pain, crying. But the baby is a small doctor, the baby is very brave. Through this matter, Ms. Zhu think, compared to cheat children say pain, injections do not flicker the child said disobedient to the doctor, or when blood injections by playing mobile phone and other ways to distract her, so direct, honest and experiential method is better for children. As long as the parents of scientific indoctrination, do not exaggerate the pain does not ignore the injection, in fact, the child is able to understand. She will slowly know that people are sick to see a doctor, injections, medication is for good health. Injections will be some pain, can not help but cry, cry for a while!"相关的主题文章: