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Men Thailand catch 200 catties of heavy carp to refresh world record — Sichuan channel — people’s -ppbox

Thailand man caught 200 pounds of carp to refresh the world record – Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: British man Thailand caught 200 pounds of carp to refresh the world record according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that recently, a British man Tim Webb (Tim Webb)? In a lake Thailand phone caught one weighing 222 pounds (about 100.7 kg) of Siam carp, breaking the previous 150 pounds (about 68.04 kg) world record. Tim from the British West Sussex, 57 years old this year, runs an area of 3.5 acres of grounds. He used bread and rice as a bait, and he took 90 minutes to catch the carp. Tim with the help of carp fishing master deal, "Redemption" and put it into their own fishing grounds. He said: "there is such a big carp sits, sure a lot of people try to go fishing." Although Tim caught more than 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) than the previous world record and 3 times the British record, he did not plan to submit a record application to the International Association of fishing sports, because they did not approve of the fishing record in the stocked waters. (Zhang Hua, Gao Hongxia dimension: commissioning editor)

男子泰国钓到200斤重鲤鱼刷新世界纪录–四川频道–人民网 原标题:英男子泰国钓到200斤重鲤鱼刷新世界纪录   据英国《每日邮报》报道,近日,英国男子蒂姆?韦布(Tim Webb)在泰国班蓬的一座湖里钓到了一条重达222磅(约100.7千克)的暹罗鲤鱼,打破了此前150磅(约68.04千克)的世界纪录。   蒂姆来自英国西萨塞克斯,今年57岁,经营着一家面积为3.5亩的渔场。他用面包和米饭作诱饵,使出浑身解数,花了90分钟才把鲤鱼钓上岸。蒂姆跟渔场主人达成交易,帮鲤鱼“赎身”并把它放进自己的渔场。他表示:“有这么一条大鲤鱼坐镇,很多人肯定慕名而来尝试把它钓走。”   虽然蒂姆钓到的鲤鱼比此前的世界纪录重了70多磅(31.75千克),同时也是英国纪录的3倍,但他并不打算向国际钓鱼运动协会递交破纪录申请,原因是他们不认可在放养水域的垂钓纪录。 (责编:章华维、高红霞)相关的主题文章: