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Melon handsome terror cleaning! Manchester City 1 days away 100 million pounds in 4 dashuipiao (vide-www.huangse.com

Melon handsome terror cleaning! Manchester City 1 days away 100 million pounds dashuipiao [4] the strongest fortress star battlefield fighting season Johat signs the moment Manchester (data) in a day cleaning the four star Tencent sports news September 1st deadline, Manchester City is the most active selling Premier League giants, Guardiola even a heavy hand. Don’t supernumerary staff, Hart, Nasri, Boni and Mangala Manchester, spent nearly 100 million pounds of the introduction of big players, all dismissed. The British media before it is expected, because the city the number of foreign players has reached 19 people, while the Premier League and the Champions League registration can offer 17 people (the rest of the team and the local academy players), so Nasri, Boni and suffers from at least two people will be sent to Bravo, and after the team has no position of Hart. Guardiola has done very thoroughly, the final 4 on the day of the deadline to leave, no one left. "Daily Mail" to "sigh, the 4 players, the city spent nearly one hundred million pounds, but they can not adapt to the tactics of the Guardiola system, only to leave". 4 people was a member of Manchester City, the lineup in addition to Hart, signed three others when costs are not small, and high wages, so it is difficult to Manchester City this summer sold 4, the final transaction mode is on loan, of course, the blue moon management has also not care too much about the cost of. Manchester City acquired 3 foreign aid this year, the total price of up to 95 million pounds, close to one hundred million, has not been considered on wages, etc.. 32 million pounds Mangala signed two years ago, was leased to Valencia, is worth 47 million 500 thousand pounds over stones. 18 months ago to spend 28 million pounds to sign the Boni, defected to Premier Storck city neighborhood. The other two potency time longer, 5 years ago to 25 million pounds price tag (data) from Arsenal defected to Nasri, defected to the Europa League champions Seville, basically no money is when a 8 year veteran of the main Hart, because there is no suitable Premiership team, only to join Serie A in Turin. The British media that Guardiola never before cleaning Wang softheartedness, 2008 just coach Basa (official website data), he went to Ronaldinho and Deco two senior ministers issued an order, a year after the 1 season and scored 36 goals for the Eto’O. In Bayern, the first summer Guardiola would get rid of Gomes, Gustavo and Tymoschuk, the following year sold Man Giulia Kikki and fan biteng with his right, once is that Guardiola is not suitable for their own players, no matter how qualifications will be removed. (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: