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Meditation do not love the name of the abduction of children’s marriage candy candy

Ponder: marriage day please don’t love in the name of Jane Zhang Feng Ke and the kidnapping of children, the upcoming wedding news again triggered on the ten years of long-distance love hot, but today the open letter to Jane Zhang’s mother Ms. Zhang Guiying is aroused a great disturbance. Zhang mother in the letter accused Feng Ke cheat daughter, and clearly expressed the opposition to the marriage. A lot of people in the comments for Jane Zhang grievance, emotional well-known blogger "in the Yan son forward said:" Jane Zhang is more than and 30 years old is an adult, people want to get married can make their own decisions ". But more people to eat melon stood on the side of the mother, that Jane Zhang must be love fainted, saying, most understand her daughter or mother, this son-in-law is certainly too much". Standing in the angle, we do not intend to stand, but does not intend to apologize for Feng Ke’s character. But only in terms of this relationship, Jane Zhang is already an independent adult economy and personality, and not to talk about this relationship has gone through more than a decade, even if the love is really dizzy, it is her own thing. Today Xiaobian want to chat with you, without the consent of their children, parents can interfere with the public and even prevent their marriage? This article by the original LinkedIn, author. Your marriage in the end who is in charge of the decision than Jane Zhang’s "want to get married, my mother does not agree," more people should be met, I am single, my mother does not agree". Know almost the problem, your mother think you can’t go out is a kind of experience?" By more than 20 thousand people, high ticket answers gain million common praise, forced marriage, remarkable. Be forced adults, some are just over 25 years old, is preparing to start their own independent life of young women, some middle-aged successful middle-aged men. No matter they want to take off, their education, income, height and shape, are anxious parents itemized, the price tag, the friends and relatives and the dating website spread out. Figure for the blind users "Joe -Jolene" found in their own study schedule, this is not the piece, not a joke, this is happening in many adults true story. A lot of people will feel helpless, poor parents heart. Parents do it for your own good. No, that’s not the case. Even if it is a parent’s kindness, it can’t be the reason for such a rude and violent intervention in the life of an individual. We really need to nurture and care for parents, but this does not mean we have to sacrifice completely reasonable personal freedom, we have the right to choose their own life, want to share my life with friends, of course, also have the right to say no to their parents. Back to the beginning of the question, your marriage who call the shots? There is only one answer, that is, you and your lover. Other people should not be allowed to intervene without your consent. I am not an individual marriage goods on the market, Shakespeare said, love it if the doping and unrelated to its own calculations, it is not true love. Every taste)相关的主题文章: