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Media attention to the U.S. Sade into Korea should think twice before – Sohu news-www.tc165.cn

The United States media attention "Sade" in Korea: should think twice before the news – Sohu, South Korea announced against North Korea’s missile threat ", will be formally launched" Sade "to discuss the deployment of anti missile system in South korea. China believes that this move not only is not conducive to all parties to properly cope with the current situation, but will significantly damage China’s strategic security interests. China is deeply concerned and strongly opposed. The United States is determined to deploy the "Sade" system in Korea, which is tantamount to adding fuel to the current situation on the peninsula and the security situation in Northeast asia. The United States seeks one side security for its own interests, and sticks to zero sum thinking. It is another proof that the United States implements double standards on the military development. No wonder foreign minister Wang Yi pointed out that the move is "and, at the same time" "exposed ambition, known to all". The issue of antimissile concerns global strategic stability and the mutual trust of big powers in the field of strategic security. Once the system is deployed in South Korea, it will seriously damage the mutual trust between China and the United States, and will be contrary to the construction of a new Sino US relations with the new powers and the establishment of a new military relationship in line with it. The US side is wrong and short-sighted, it is a way to encourage confrontation rather than cooperation, not only inconsistent with the general trend of peaceful development in Asia, but also not conducive to the long-term interests of the United States itself in the Asia Pacific region. Head-on confrontation, resulting in escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula at the same time, also may provoke an arms race in the region, to resolve the nuclear issue more difficult. Advise the countries concerned to think twice before they act. (Xinhua news agency, Beijing, February, 13)

媒体关注美国“萨德”入韩:应三思而后行-搜狐新闻  日前,美韩两国宣布,针对朝鲜的“导弹威胁”,即将正式启动商讨在韩部署“萨德”反导系统。中方认为,这一举动不仅不利于各方妥善应对当前局势,更将明显损害中国的战略安全利益。中方对此严重关切并强烈反对。   美方执意在韩国部署“萨德”系统的做法,无异于给当前半岛局势和东北亚安全形势火上浇油。美国为一己私利,谋求单方安全,固守零和思维,是美国在军力发展问题上实行双重标准的又一证明。无怪乎王毅外长指出,此举是“项庄舞剑,意在沛公”“司马昭之心,路人皆知”。   反导问题事关全球战略稳定,以及大国在战略安全领域的互信。“萨德”系统一旦在韩国部署到位,将严重损害中美双方互信,与构建中美新型大国关系和建立与之相适应的新型军事关系背道而驰。   美方做法错误而短视,它走的是一条鼓励对抗而非合作的道路,不仅与亚洲和平发展的大势不符,也不利于美国自身在亚太地区的长远利益。“硬碰硬”的对抗,在导致朝鲜半岛紧张局势轮番升级的同时,还可能挑起地区军备竞赛,令解决朝核问题更加困难。   奉劝有关国家,应三思而后行。   (新华社北京2月13日电)相关的主题文章: