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What are logos? A simple definition of logo would be Graphic Image, Graphic symbol or an emblem for commercial purpose. These graphics objects, picture are used from small organization to big organization for public presence. Now days individual people also use logos to represent their personal presence in public. Logos have very high importance especially for big organization because it represents their brand in the market. For Example, how we think to represent Airtel, Vodafone; the first thing which comes in mind is their Logo. Their brand logo is of great importance and has a direct impact to the business. These logos are also known as business logos & company logos and have different meaning to different people, organization. What are logos made of? 1. Images/short symbol 2. Text 3. Color / Fonts The above factors vary as per the type of logo one would like to create. The features are dependent on industry to industry. Some may require high image visibility than text or might not at all require the text. On the other side few businesses have much more importance of the text, message they want to convey with their brand logo. How to move for a good logo creation with clear message to the targeted customers/consumers? There are certain steps an organization can take for the logo creation: 1. Custom logo design services: This comprises of hiring a designing company to design a logo for you. However, you have to give clear guidelines, your ideas and make them understand your real need. There is lot of iteration cycle required generally. 2. Logo design software: There are 1000s of logo design software available in the market which you can purchase and give your innovative ideas your own hand to create what you are thinking for the business logo. The only factor very effective in this case is study the market, choose best tool which other people have recommended after use. Choose a easy interface capsule tool which is user friendly and you just need to choose what ever your logo requirement is and with easy dragging and selection will be more than enough to club a logo for you. About the Author: Lonard Math is a business analyst as well as web designer who has more than 7 years experience in Logo designs for designing brochures, business stationary, websites, content writing etc. In this article he discusses about business logo. For more information about logo software , logo creator, logo designer, logo maker, please visit ..logosmartz.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: