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Master log seal the demon word Lutianhua accelerated shrinking market for post change disk-www.678mmm.com

Master log: seal the demon word Lutianhua accelerated shrinking market waiting for the delivery order and operation record after variable welcome attention to our fist column "master" there will be a combat log hailun master. The forwarding and comment of the netizens is the biggest impetus for us to do well in this column. Also welcome netizens registered our stock market competition, through the game to exchange. Scan two-dimensional code to watch in real time last night to rehabilitation, in the stock pool also write more clearly, Lutianhua completely seal the demon, the relay of Sichuan Shuangma market in September second to become a dark horse, since the stock has become the soul of the market today continue to observe its performance can be. A collection of early stage, although Lutianhua is not a small sell-off, but outside the capital to chase high enthusiasm, which is a collection of the greatest amount of all day long, then shrinking sealing stability, smooth seal means Lutianhua board, not surprisingly, the national day back in or near the opening limit. Since the total market leading sealed, and then the word yinglite assists, Hechi chemical and Wuchang fish also have rushed in action. Money effect is very good, at least in this forum yesterday are making money, and even super rotten boards have rushed Hainan Coconut Island today 5 points higher performance. My hands for treatment of Hechi chemical industry, because it is the head board of Foshan Jihua six road closed, I judged he would zapan today about 5 points, according to estimates should be set up a pen, then in 5% out, I wait him out, stayed in Hechi chemical industry when nearly 8% out of. At that time, it was also decided that this stock just follow the trend, even if the second board is sealed, it is easy to rot board, leading to second days without any meat, so it is to rush the operation of leaving. For sudawei operation, first in 30.85 to buy 5000 shares, then in the afternoon 31.06 points to sell 5000 shares, the price today do not much, the main reason is the big fluctuation was significantly reduced. The turnover rate is also low. At half past two in the afternoon after the big wave pulse, but due to the lack of sustained pay, stock price fall back down, when I hit 31.01 points in 15000 shares. In fact, this price is broken single, I deliberately depress prices, to drop down, in order to take back at a low price. The stock closed 30.88, too close to the price I sold, so did not buy back, and so on after the festival. Today’s T process, the first part is to buy first sell, the second part is the first sale and buy process. Do T no law, look at the rhythm of the disk to walk. Market outlook judgment: the monster is monster, riding is large, even after a suit is a great profit. After the festival began in October, continue to find the demon ride demon, optimistic about the future of the national fried demon market.   note: the above is only the author’s own understanding is not to be a Kanpan, stock recommendation, does not constitute investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious. A brief introduction to Xing: 12 years’ stock age. He worked as a researcher in a private company as a trader and an investment company. Now engaged in Internet stocks, financial products development and operation. Good subject stock speculation. Could not find a hot, catch Niugu? WeChat public number hailun master log [CAOPANRIZHI], micro signal: 2 million years to make every firm catch Niugu cattle scattered and fried demo monster, you change the miserable fried; 高手日志:泸天化一字加速封妖 大盘缩量静待节后变盘 欢迎关注我们的拳头栏目”高手操盘日志“这里会有实战高手的交割单及操作实录。网友们的转发和评论,是我们做好该栏目的最大动力。也欢迎网友们注册我们的炒股大赛,通过比赛来切磋交流。扫描二维码实时收看图昨晚复盘,在股票池里也写的比较清楚,泸天化彻底封妖,接力四川双马成为9月行情的第二匹黑马,既然这个股已经成了市场的灵魂, 今天就继续观察它的表现即可。早盘集合阶段,泸天化虽然有不小的抛压,但是场外资金的追涨热情很高,集合即完成全天的最大量能,随后缩量封稳,意味着泸天化顺利封住三板,不出意外国庆回来还是涨停附近开盘。既然市场总龙头封住了,又有英力特一字助攻,随后河池化工和武昌鱼也都有冲板动作。赚钱效应很好,至少昨天介入这个版块的都赚钱了,甚至超级烂板海南椰岛今天都有冲高5个点的表现。我对于手中河池化工的处理,由于是佛山季华六路封的头板,我判断他肯定会在今天5个点左右砸盘,据估算应该是集合砸了一笔,随后在5%左右出掉了,我耐心等他出掉后,在河池化工拉到近8%的时候出掉。当时也是判断这股只是跟风,即使封上二板也容易烂板导致第二天没什么肉,所以就是冲高走人的操作。对于苏大维格的操作,先在30.85买入5000股,然后下午在31.06分卖出5000股,今天这个差价做的不多,主要的原因是苏大的波动明显缩小了。换手率也低了下来。下午两点半后,苏大有一波脉冲,但由于没有持续的买单,股价又砸了下来,这时我在31.01分砸了15000股。其实这个价位是断单的,我故意压低价格把苏大砸下来,为了是低价再接回。该股收盘30.88,离我卖的价格太近,故没买回,等节后再说吧。今天的做T过程,第一部分是先买后卖,第二部分是先卖后买的过程。做T没有规律,完全看盘面的节奏来走。后市判断:妖股就是妖股,骑上就是大肉,连追跟风都是很大的利润。节后十月的行情就开始了,继续寻妖骑妖,看好后市的全民炒妖行情。 注:以上仅是作者自身看盘感悟,不是做个股推荐,也不构成投资建议,投资有风险,入市需谨慎。邢者简介:12年股龄。曾在私募公司任交易员、投资公司任研究员。现从事互联网股票、理财产品的开发运营。擅长题材股炒作。找不到热点,抓不到牛股?关注微信公众号“高手操盘日志”【微信号:CAOPANRIZHI】,年赚200万牛散每天实盘演示抓牛股、炒妖股,带你改变悲催的炒股史!进可攻,退可守。做风险投机市场的弄潮儿,您需要一种风险对冲工具。尽在微信号【期海大咖】或者【futures-hero】 相关的主题文章: