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Marathon: hot reason has formed the whole industry chain parties are good sports Sohu – low input and high output price so that the parties to work together to boost, "happy" is entering the whole industry chain of the "blue ocean era" in recent years, the number of applicants Guangzhou marathon has been a linear upward trend. Data as evidence: 2014 Malaysia attracted 49800 entries; 2015, apply online enrollment surged to 78000 people; this year, the number of applicants over the first 100 thousand years, a wide number of applicants high Ma li. This is the national marathon hot is a microcosm of the Chinese marathon, already from the heat to spark a prairie fire, swept from the big city to a small city, blossom everywhere. So, marathon why so fire? After all, the high cost to run, run, run game city developers are flocking products. In the home run blossom everywhere, according to official figures show that in 2015 only one year to reach 134 games in the marathon and China sports athletics association registered 1 million 500 thousand people, annual competition covers the runners of all walks of life. 1-6 months of this year, the cumulative domestic organization of all kinds of running events 302 games, including road racing events of up to 187. In the past people need to run a marathon, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other big city competition, from the beginning of last year, the marathon has swept across the entire small city, and even the size of the city each district, more and more people can enjoy the marathon at the door of the fun. Co general manager of the Yangcheng Evening News reporter before the occasional music as sports Southern China branch Cheng Gang, he was sent to Shenzhen to participate in a half marathon in Longgang live. He said that from December last year to now, and their participation in the upcoming marathon broadcast has reached ten, respectively, Shantou marathon, Shunde Ronggui half marathon, Haikou marathon, Qingyuan marathon, Yangjiang marathon, Hailing Island marathon, Jiangsu Zhenjiang Hubei Yichang Longgang half marathon, Ma the Guilin marathon is a marathon, and contact the implementation of a marathon, this does not include some small road running events. In his view, running has undoubtedly become China’s first movement, even beyond the number of big players, coaches, professional players to participate in the super league. Easy road, ran the full harvest for most runners, running is a natural advantage, the participation threshold is low, simple and easy to operate, as long as there is a pair of running shoes, it would be easy to go. And the rewards they bring to them are huge. One can bring health, some people lose weight by running successfully, some people get rid of the unhealthy lifestyle of staying up late. In addition, the simple movement of running now in the metropolitan area has been given more meaning. For example, many people see running as a powerful tool to expand the social circle. The past middle class than keen on pursuing MBA, now is to join the race instead, even Wang Shi and other real estate heavyweights is no exception. Running training in Guangzhou, Ma Jinguo told reporters, now more and more executives to join the ranks of the running, and even run training as the company team extension相关的主题文章: