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[map] the world Cruze hatchback Chevrolet night – the number of new car Sohu first pages: the world the new Cruze hatchback car   Solo de Peccatte [car] Sohu; in the 2016 Guangzhou auto show on the eve of the night of the Chevrolet brand, SAIC Chevrolet bring its variety of heavy car starting, including domestic new medium SUV agent, domestic circles the new Cruze hatchback version and full size Peccatte Solo de (Silverado), in addition, another pickup khroad (Colorado), the sixth generation of Ke Mailuo both appearance. In addition, Chevrolet will also introduce a new RS sub brand, the existing models will create personalized, first launched the RS version of the sixth generation and the New Ke Mailuo Ke luzi. In addition, Chevrolet will continue to carry on the Internet, automatic driving, car sharing, new energy and other aspects of force. To explore and innovate in the future. In addition, Chevrolet will also be introduced in China, including 1.0T, 2.0T, 8AT, 9AT, plug-in hybrid, including a variety of highly efficient drive system. [after the event, the relevant leaders, made a new exploration field]? (Equinox) on the circles for domestic overseas version of Chevrolet’s new generation of Equinox, which had been in the SAIC GM Wuhan base official line, according to earlier news, after the release of the domestic study circles will be officially listed in the first quarter of 2017. The Chevrolet world front follows the family car modeling, compared to some heavy, the overall visual experience more young movement, nor the lack of sense of refinement. The side view, the new profile is still very full, the design of the previous model hidden D column was retained, and the triangular window C column shape becomes sharp and chrome trim a lot. The tail of the details after a new design, with good uniformity and the young style. Interior part, Chevrolet search industry who still has a family style, providing 7 inches or 8 inches in the control screen using MyLink system. Configuration, the new car also has a security warning seat, panoramic image camera, front collision warning system, automatic braking, etc.. Power system, Chevrolet exploration will be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T two gasoline turbocharged engine. The former maximum output power of 172 horsepower, peak torque of 275 cattle m, respectively, the latter maximum output power of 256 horsepower, peak torque of 352 cattle M. 1.5T models matching 6 speed automatic gearbox, 2.0T models matching 9 speed automatic transmission, the world part of vehicles will be equipped with four-wheel drive system. The new Cruze? Domestic hatchback version of the new Cruze hatchback models in the Chevrolet brand is also carried out on the first night, the new Cruze hatchback tail details and after the listing of the three car version of the biggest difference, taillights design looks more aggressive, high brake lights and spoiler these details will make it out of the ordinary. The new Cruze hatchback and the three car version is no different, very solid and rich sense. Silhouette is dive attitude, poised)相关的主题文章: