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Manchester United forward: War promoted thus suggested Ibrahimovic three ball shortage record bottom – Sohu of Beijing sports in October 29th 22, 2016-17 season England Super League will start the tenth round of the competition. Manchester United at Old Trafford home court against newly promoted Burnley team. Nearly 8 race only 1 negative Reds in the Premier League, but poor performance, nearly 6 rounds only 1 wins, especially the great problems of offense, the last 3 rounds only scored 1 goals, "Ibrahimovic Fengxian" is not scoring 5 consecutive rounds. In the face of the previous three Premier League away every opponent into the three ball Burnley team, the Reds can slaughter in the home court? The two sides had overall record 122 games against Manchester United, with 58 wins 20 flat 44 negative advantage, the recent 21 times against Burnley in August 2009 is only in their own home court 1-0 victory, the remaining 20 and 8 flat 12 negative. As for the 60 times at Manchester United, Burnley’s record is also more general, 13 wins and 10 draws and 37 losses, the last time in the theatre of dreams in dating back to September 1962’s old football league, after 17 consecutive times at Old Trafford and winless, 5 times more recently defeated the whole back. Can Ibrahimovic and Manchester City’s breaking ball shortage during the week, Ibrahimovic once again missed the opportunity to break, the "big Fengxian" last 9 games only club tournament contributed 1 goals in the Premier League, which is the 5 consecutive rounds could not break, this is his personal since September 2010 the longest one league goal drought and in the last 6 rounds of the league’s Ibrahimovic received 3 yellow cards. One of the longest goals in his career was a record of 6 consecutive games against Milan in June 2007. The birthday together who can match day before and after the flash as many as 5 people live or usher in his birthday, the Manchester United team is Rooney and Rush Forde, Rooney is this Monday has just celebrated his 31 birthday, Rush Forde is next Monday ushered in his 19 birthday; Burnley game in second days, Austria striker Ashley Barnes will usher in a 27 year old birthday this Thursday, spent his 26 birthday next Tuesday is G Weitz Menson and the avant-garde avant-garde Canada A Field’s 28 birthday. This is Rush Forde in the team had the first birthday, whether he spoils? Manchester United is expected to win milepost victory for Manchester United in the Premier League after facing the newly promoted promoted polo team, 143 war 99 wins 30 flat only 14, which means that if the team can beat Burnley, then will usher in 100th wins. In addition to the Manchester United past to Burnley team when the proud record, Burnley team recently away record is unbearable, the Premier League 3 straight away, and every game opponents poured into the three ball, while they are in the Premier League last two guests dream theater as single game is lost the ball three. Mourinho (Manchester United manager): the last 7 games, we only lost one game. 0-4 to lose a war is better than losing four games 0-1, after all, lost a game just lost 3 points. Our grades are not bad, only相关的主题文章: