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Manchester City first Aguero + Guardiola again led by Nuo Lituo Bianzhen-candy boy

Manchester City first: Aguero + LED Guardiola again Bianzhen Nuo Lituo new formation of sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 29th at 22 (local time 17:00), the Premier League eleventh round ushered in focus in a duel Manchester City away to Sibrand, the blue moon recently in 6 matches, but their last 9 Premier League unbeaten against Sibrand. Manchester City and West Brom 20 times the two teams clash in the Premier League, Manchester City 13 wins 3 flat 4 negative, occupy a distinct advantage, the two teams in the past 13 League meetings, Manchester City 12 wins 1 flat unbeaten, 9 recent battle victory, last season away 3 to 0, 2 to 1 home court. Manchester City last lost to Sibrand, but also back to the eighteenth round of the 2008-09 season (away from the game than the 2, Moore and Bednar M scored for the goal of the 1) (). Manchester City starting (3-6-1): 1- 24-, Bravo 30- and 11- Kolarov Otamendi stones; Fernando 6-, Phil Nandy Neo 7-, 8- 25-; Stryn gundogan, 21- Silva, 9- 10- Aguero Nuo Lituo. Subs: Caballero, Kompani, de Blau Hei, Navas, Krishna, I Henar Jo, Garcia A-.相关的主题文章: