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Man with a knife to the subway on shouting I was arrested on the road mixed www.777vk.com

Man with a knife to the subway on shouting "I was detained in Sichuan online news trail mix" (Sichuan online reporter Yang Nian Wu You) "you to arrest me, not detain me for 15 days, I was on the road to mix!" In the evening of February 23rd, a man wanted to bring a knife to the subway, and was stopped by the police. Sichuan online reporter learned from the Chengdu police, the man has been sentenced to administrative detention for 7 days of administrative punishment. Police, 20:30, a middle-aged man in the subway line 1 century city station after security checks, was found to carry a stainless steel folding knife. Security informed the man that this tool can not be brought into the subway, the men do not listen to discourage emotional agitation, and pull the security to the police room theory. Police preliminary identification of the folding knife suspected control knives, the men need to do further investigation and treatment. After the men heard, the mood is more exciting, abusive police and clamoring to say, "you arrest me, I can not detain 15 days, I’m mixed up on the road."". After investigation, the man named Yu, 42 years old, had a criminal record. Police will bring them to the police station for further treatment. After identification of the relevant departments of more than one carrying the tool is a control tool, "according to paragraph second of the People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" thirty-second, Chengdu City Public Security Bureau police station of Tongzi Metro bus branch Lin on administrative punishment more than one to 7 days of administrative detention. In the police serious education criticism, Yu also aware of his behavior has been illegal, and take the initiative to the security screeners and police apology, expressed willingness to accept punishment. The police reminded that the majority of the public should not take the control instruments prohibited by law while taking public transport, and actively cooperate with the police. Editor in chief: Xu Tong SN155

男子持刀欲强上地铁被拘 叫嚣“我是道上混的” 四川在线消息(杨念 四川在线记者 吴忧)   “你们来拘留我,大不了拘留我15天,我都是道上混的!”2月23日晚上,一名男子欲带刀具上地铁,被制止后面对民警随口叫嚣。四川在线记者从成都警方了解到,该男子已被处以行政拘留7日的行政处罚。   警 方介绍,当天20时30分,一名中年男子在地铁1号线世纪城站经过安检时被发现携带一把不锈钢折叠刀。安检告知该男子此刀具不能带进地铁,男子情绪激动不 听劝阻,并拉扯安检至警务室理论。民警初步辨识该折叠刀疑似管制刀具,需对男子做进一步调查处理。男子听闻后情绪更加激动,辱骂民警并叫嚣称“你们来拘留 我,大不了拘留我15天,我都是道上混的”。   经 查,男子名叫余某,42岁,曾有犯罪前科。民警依法将其带至派出所做进一步处理。后经相关部门鉴定余某所携刀具确属管制刀具,依据《中华人民共和国治安管 理处罚法》第三十二条第二款,成都市公安局公交地铁分局桐梓林站派出所对余某做出行政拘留7日的行政处罚。在民警的严肃教育批评下,余某也意识到自己的行 为已经违法,并主动向当事安检员及民警赔礼道歉,表示愿意接受处罚。   警方提醒,希望广大市民在乘坐公共交通工具时不要携带法律禁止的管制器具,并积极配合警方工作。 责任编辑:徐童 SN155相关的主题文章: