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Man spent 1 million yuan to grow a natural peach tree chair (Figure) homefront

The man spent 1 million yuan savings for natural peach chair (map) original title: a man spent 1 million yuan savings grow out of natural peach chair after 10 years of exploration, he contracted more than and 10 acres of land to grow out of natural peach chair; he paid to employ translation and international trade personnel into the Canton Fair, by CCTV, the Xinhua news agency and other media attention, he kind of natural peach chair was played at the Fair 200 thousand yuan of high prices are not willing to sell. Million yuan savings are spent in the kind of chair in Zhang Weiren’s peach garden, the reporter saw the kind of furniture out of. "When I was young did carpenter, former Chinese Peach-Shaped Mantou, often someone is looking for me to ‘evil’, that wood in the yard on the wall there is a peach tree looks like a chair, I often try to figure out how to" seed ", mahogany chair here?" Zhang Weiren told reporters that these kinds of peach out of the chair needs to start from the cultivation of the shape of the cultivation, cultivate a good shape takes about 10 years. "In the beginning, about 4 years time, always fail to see partners divestment proceeds." Zhang Weiren told reporters that his family was not very supportive of him, especially his family savings of 1 million yuan spent on a peach tree. "The children are married, the work is also good, advised me not to toss about. But I told myself, must not give up." Zhang Weiren told reporters, because do not see the benefits, only constantly threw money, because of his stubbornness, also let his wife no longer ignore him, he is only one person to persist, busy, will pay farmers experienced help management, every year, labor costs will spend more than 40 thousand yuan, plus watering, fertilization, land costs and other expenses was said to have 100 thousand yuan. Processing a set of tables and chairs need 4 people 12 days Zhang Weiren told reporters, without any chemicals in this chair, is pure natural wood. "Peach grow very slowly, the chair did not use a nail shape, also with peach growth form." Zhang Weiren said that he planted the peach tree has been more than 20 years, after many practice to find a "species" out of the chair. Zhang Weiren told reporters that the chair is four peach trees after germination, their branches interweave together to form. Because wood is relatively hard, solid wood, polished need to spend a lot of time. Processing of the first set of tables and chairs, Zhang Weiren invited 3 experienced carpentry to help, the full length of the 4 people to do the formation of 12 days. When Zhang Weiren put 4 chairs and a table put out, immediately attracted the attention of businessmen, to participate in the exhibition of the second day I have confidence, there are several customers will be open to buy $200 thousand, I was not willing to sell." Speaking of attending the Canton Fair, Zhang Weiren very excited. "Until this time next year, I can produce more than and 150 mahogany chairs and tables." This year, 62 year old Zhang Weiren told reporters that he plans to continue to expand the scale of planting, in addition to kind of chair, kind of table, but also to study the kind of cabinet, are purely natural. The map of the city news reporter Ding Yi correspondent Li Yuan source: Peninsula Network – Yan City相关的主题文章: