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Man in the morning car owners did not report the theft of mirrors have been arrested www.74eee.com

The man at the mirror owners did not report the theft had been arrested the thief police station "you so soon, I saw the notice also paused." The afternoon of September 26th, when Yan from Taizhou Wenling City Public Security Bureau police station to reclaim stolen Taiping hand Honda car rearview mirror is profuse. September 22nd at 1 am, a suspicious man appeared in the streets of Wenling Taiping Avenue near samsung. After a while, I stopped at a car. The man then pulls out from the bag of pliers, tweezers, scissors, and stop looking. Man’s behavior immediately aroused the attention of the staff of the Taiping police station video surveillance center. The staff observed after the judgment of the man suspected of committing the crime of theft, immediately notify street patrol officers to check, later, SWAT team members rushed to the scene by car. The man saw the police come, ran. The SWAT team off to intercept the inventory, but it just exports was the man pushed. SWAT team members quickly chase, and then its uniforms. In the men’s bag, the SWAT team found 12 pairs of car rearview mirror, and a pair of pliers and other tools of crime. Upon examination, the man surnamed Liang, Wenling people. According to his account, the police through the night to find the rearview mirror stolen vehicles, and for each vehicle on a notice, says "your car was stolen last night in front of the mirror, has caught the thief, please come to the police station to report the loss of the registration process of taiping". The afternoon of September 26th, all the police will be stolen from the rearview mirror to 12 owners. Liang was detained by the Wenling municipal public security bureau. Police warned that the owners try to park the car in a regular parking lot or bright lights, must not be too troublesome parking. If the rear view mirror and other parts are stolen, please report to the police in time.相关的主题文章: