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Man fishing fish in Shaanxi, Weihe upstream water trapped trapped Island – Sohu news kaya scodelario

Men in the Shaanxi Weihe fish in the upstream water trapped island Sohu News – Chinese daily news (reporter Ma Xinbin) August 29th morning, a man fishing in the vicinity of Xianyang Weihe No. 1 bridge, suddenly encountered a chance to escape the upstream water, he was trapped in the river "island", watched constantly slowly rising water flooded…… Trapped man trying to save themselves, help ah, come and save me ah!" 29, at about 8 am, near the river bridge is a thrilling scene: a man standing in the river in an isolated island, anxiously watching the rising water at the foot of the river shore, constantly shouting for help. After the alarm, the Public Security Bureau Chen Yang patrol squadron of police rushed to the scene. At this time, Xianyang City Police Fire Brigade squadron Weiyang road also dispatched 10 firefighters and two fire trucks to rescue. Chen Yang patrol squadron police said, arrived at the scene, they found that the man was trapped in the middle of a river island, a total of nearly 100 meters away from the South Bank of Weihe, the river has been flooded to the foot of the man. Upon inquiry, the man began fishing fish in Weihe, I did not expect the sudden release of the upper reaches of the river, causing its trapped river. During the excitement of some men, trying to get into the island". Rescue workers rushed to loudly appease trapped, and advised its return to wait, to prevent the occurrence of unexpected. Weiyang Road Fire squadron firefighters introduction, because the river rapids, and the river is full of mud, rescue workers if rushed down the river, is likely to sink into the mud, thus affecting the speed of the rescue. In the field of environmental investigation, they finally decided to save by boat. Then, the fire commander immediately contacted the command center, the deployment of the Secret Squadron carrying boats request to support. Before the incident was caught fish in shallow water after 10 minutes, the Secret Squadron arrived at the scene, the fire brigade immediately designated rubber boats to the trapped position, will help their boats and help lifejackets and returned to the shore. "Oh, could have died, will not dare to the river for fish!" 29 on the morning of 10 pm, Chen Yang patrol squadron, the trapped man xiaomou face scared, seems to have not just from that survived the experience to god. Xiaomou said, he is 40 years old this year, Sichuan Luzhou people, Xianyang has more than half a year. Because the ID card is lost, can not find work, who have no money, more than a month has been under a bridge on the home, he had had no food for two days, the morning saw a lot of people fishing in the fishing, they think of some fish to eat to get the money to buy Steamed Buns. At that time, he is the river shallows catch a four or five pound fish, did not expect the river rushed down to the shore, it was too late to run, had to go to the next higher "island" waiting for rescue.相关的主题文章: