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.munications Renowned science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clark once quoted Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. He was so right! It is indeed extremely apt when we take a look at the way things are changing around us. There are numerous technological wonders that have .pletely transformed (in a positive manner, of course) and made our day to day life simpler. In fact, present day technology has be.e so sophisticated and advanced that it has almost narrowed down the geographical distances For example the Tele.munication industry; over a period of time, it has progressed tremendously. Nowadays, you can not only chat over the phone, but even exchange short messages, pictures, videos and audios Even see your loved ones, sitting in a entirely opposite hemisphere. One such wonder is Mobile World an application developed by American .munication Network or ACN as it is popularly known. Being in the field of tele.munication for about two decades, it has been providing wide range products and services which include this remarkable mobile app; which has changed the scenario of international calling International calls have be.e more convenient and cheaper. The phenomenon of migration (among us, humans) is not new It is being going on since ages. However, this trend has picked up pace in the post World War era. People from different countries (specially the developing nations) migrated to developed and rich nation to test their lucks and earn huge fortunes. And this app proves a boon for such people who are miles away from their family and home. Earlier when the phones and internet was not available it took months to send the message to the near and dear ones. Later when phones, mails and internet became available and accessible; they were too expensive. And so, it was like once in a month that you could place a call to your family member As if this was enough; the phones lines used to be constantly engaged, full of disturbances and technical glitches. Mobile World is a fresh breeze to this problems It offers a unique and hi-tech solution. All one has to do is download the app (Well, Smartphones are .mon, now) and you can talk with your loved ones back home in almost nominal charges! It reduces the phone bills by around 25%! Moreover, it is works efficiently and is .patible on different mobile OS So, it is perfectly alright if you use iphone or an android phone or a windows phone; it will work without any troubles. Watching the clock every minute is a typical trend in international call However, now you can stop looking at the clock and keeping a track of every second. With the most nominal and extremely interesting plans; you can keep talking to your friends or family members. Thus, not at a single point of time, you would feel being away from home! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: