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Major shareholders to avoid the risk of innovation into the level of commercial lending was stripped www.ddd13.com

To avoid the risk of major shareholders to seek innovation into business loan stripped layer temperature "delisting" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn with large shareholders can make you avoid the risk for falls into innovation layer temperature and business loan stripped "delisting" Wang Qing in mutual gold more and more strict supervision under the weight of the new board, the Internet financial platform and listed on the new board for the future development of enterprises seems to be the beginning of new consideration. As early as June of this year, the Chinese ceramic (831441.OC) published in the report will be stripped of the Internet financial services. Recently, the China Ceramic announced the release of the subsidiary of the company in Zhejiang, the company’s interest in the assessment of the temperature of the loan, the purpose of the assessment is intended for the purpose of the Wenzhou porcelain intends to transfer the Zhejiang temperature business loan equity. This is to avoid the financial risks caused by Internet banking business and financial risks. In the equity change, the future of the business prospects of the future development of the future? Platform responsible person to the China business reporter, said the change is to adapt to the needs of policy development, in order to better development of both sides. After the change, Wen business loans will continue to wind control as the core of the development strategy. The company or the introduction of venture capital institutions to cooperate to obtain better resources. Tighter regulation by mutual gold business was spun off in June 8th, China has issued the "plan", the major asset restructuring of Wenzhou porcelain jazz Polytron Technologies Inc intends to sell its P2P Internet business loan platform in Zhejiang temperature 100% stake in the Nationwide Financial Services Inc to the controlling shareholder of Li Shan investment group limited. For the equity change, porcelain, said the move is to avoid the financial risks and financial risks brought about by the Internet business. In September 8th, the Chinese jazz once again released the Wenzhou porcelain jazz Polytron Technologies Inc sale, purchase of assets and related party transactions constitute a major asset restructuring report. According to the disclosure, the transaction, the company intends to invest 100% yuan in, Zhejiang Province, held by the holders of Zhejiang warm business loans, the two sides agreed to determine the temperature of the loan business of Zhejiang, the transaction price of 100% yuan. At the same time, the company intends to purchase the Wenzhou city is located in the industrial area of the real estate and Puzhou to Li Shan Pu technology is located in Wenzhou Zhong Road, No. 142 real estate. According to the National SME share transfer system announced that the private equity fund management institutions in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements after rectification, in accordance with the standard of innovation, and innovation can enter the layer; small loan companies, financing Guarantee Corporation, financial leasing companies, pawn shops, commercial factoring companies and special industries, Internet banking and other listed company, in the relevant regulatory policies clear before, not into the innovation. Although the application of the listed company does not belong to such enterprises, but the proportion of its equity holdings of more than 20% of the enterprise (including 20%) or the largest shareholder will not be accepted, and has been accepted, to terminate the review. In this regard, some analysts believe that the policy is actually the P2P platform listed on the new board to completely blocked the road, has been incorporated into mutual gold business enterprises to enter three new board innovation layer is blocked, and this is why porcelain Jazz fast stripping Wen business loan. Earlier, Wen business loans on its official website相关的主题文章: