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M & a blocked does not matter, Tesla joint solorctiy push solar roof next month – Sohu Technology www.zjzs.net

M & a blocked does not matter, Tesla combined with SolorCtiy next month to push the solar roof – Sohu of science and technology in the near future, your house and Tesla Motors are likely to get rid of the power limit, happily electricity by solar energy. Tesla CEO musk announced yesterday in Twitter, they will launch a new solar roof products in October 28th. Although the acquisition of SolarCity Tesla blocked, but this does not prevent the two companies jointly launched new products. Musk wrote on Twitter: we will be in October 28th in the San Francisco Bay area Tesla released a SolarCity solar roof, using Powerwall2.0 and Tesla battery charger. The news is not surprising, because Tesla revealed a few months ago, its second generation Powerwall research and development plan. Photo: Techradar Powerwall only supports Israel’s first generation inverter factory SolarEdge products, and the new Powerwall and SMA company (an inverter to convert DC to AC inverter equipment) compatibility, the latter is the world’s largest manufacturer of. SMA inverter price is only $1240, while the price of SolarEdge up to $2944. Therefore, the updated Powerwall has better compatibility, easy to install at home, the price is cheaper. Although it is still not clear the new roof SolarCity what it is, but musk in August this year announced SolarCity company is developing a "solar roofs", the product will use solar photovoltaic panels technology but without the use of standard. Photo: Bloomberg however, TechCrunch believes that given the bouncing behavior habit of musk, we do not have on the October 28th Conference have too high expectations, but one thing is for sure, Tesla does SolarCity will work together to launch such a solar products. From here: Bloomberg相关的主题文章: