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Long march series Meng man story (21) thousands of dangerous ten million sad grassland (Photos) – An-guitarpro5

The long march series of adorable romance (21) thousand million insurance (Photos) – sad grassland Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: long series of adorable romance (21) thousand million insurance grass long march series of sad romance adorable (21) thousand million insurance Red Army finally turned the sad grassland snow capped mountains, to the West of Songpan county about 45 a large km Tibetan Village — maoergai. Because Zhang Guotao split, refused to go north, delayed the Red Army captured Songpan fighters. The Red Army had diverted through the grass, which is in the swamp covered Dead Sea, the heroic Red Army soldiers and has written a China revolution myth. On the morning of August 21, 1935, the fourth group (fifty-fourth members in the independent group predecessor) was the first to enter into the meadow. Before long, they came to the edge of the meadow. Looking around, grassland boundless boundless, shrouded in fog, can not distinguish the southeast and northwest. The Grass River staggered, water flooding, exposed water show dark color, putrid breath. There is no stone, no trees, no human habitation, there is only a foot for a few feet high dense clumps of grass. See this scene, and the fourth group are both froze on the spot, I thought, where the road ah, this is clearly a vast swamps. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei)

长征系列萌漫故事(21)千险万难过草地(组图)–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:长征系列萌漫故事(21)千险万难过草地   长征系列萌漫故事(21)千险万难过草地   红军终于翻过了雪山,来到了松潘县城以西约45公里一个藏民聚居的大村落――毛儿盖。因为张国焘闹分裂,拒绝北上,延误了红军攻占松潘的战机。红军只好转道通过草地,也就是在这片布满沼泽的死海中,英勇无畏的红军将士又写就了一段中国革命的神话。   1935年8月21日清晨,红四团(第五十四军叶挺独立团前身)率先向草地进军了。不多时,他们就来到了草地边缘。放眼望去,草原茫茫无边,笼罩着迷雾,分不清东南西北。草丛里河沟交错,积水泛滥,露在外面的水呈现出黑黑的颜色,散发着腐臭的气息。这里没有石头,没有树木,更没有人烟,有的只是一丛丛密密麻麻足有几尺高的青草。看到这样的景象,红四团的官兵都愣在了原地,心想,路在哪儿啊,这分明是一片茫茫泽国。 (责编:苏恒、张磊)相关的主题文章: