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Liuzhou Guantang bridge is expected to alleviate the problem of traffic congestion in 2018 by the en-www.66bobo.com

At the end of the opening 2018 District of Liuzhou bridge is expected to alleviate the problem of traffic congestion in Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter Liao Yanming correspondent Ding Minglei   12) Kwun Tong Bridge is one of the first batch of Liuzhou PPP project. Yesterday, Kwun Tong Bridge PPP item company joint venture agreement signing ceremony was held at the Liuzhou International Exhibition center. The bridge construction period of 3 years, but also operation and maintenance for 12 years. According to reports, PPP model is Public-Private  Partnership, which is the government and social capital cooperation model. Kwun Tong Bridge belongs to non operating municipal projects, the Liuzhou municipal government to take the government to purchase services in. Specific mode of operation for the BOT PPP, that is, Build-Operate-Transfer, construction – operation – transfer. The government has signed a concession agreement with the item company and handed over the right to operate the public construction project to the item company, which will be handed over to the government after a certain period of time. The three day were involved in the signing of the Shanghai Railway Engineering Bureau Group Co. Ltd., Liuzhou Dongcheng Investment Development Company Limited and China railway construction letter (Beijing) investment fund management company limited. China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge, the Liuzhou municipal government and the group is the first contact with the PPP model, the two sides have been through various efforts to promote cooperation. Their construction will also be good Kwun Tong Bridge after 12 years of operation and maintenance. Kwun Tong Bridge west across the Lotus Hill Lotus Avenue, east of Liuzhou City East Ring Road and the West University, is one of the cross river bridge in Liuzhou city planning. The main bridge length of 1155 meters, the main bridge 560 meters long, 41 meters wide. At present, the bridge has been completed East retaining pile, the main bridge is under construction, and strive to the end of 2018 reached traffic conditions. After the completion of the project, will further improve the urban road network system in Liuzhou, easing the traffic congestion problem in the east area and the new area of Liu dong. Related reports: Liuzhou City, Kwun Tong Bridge drilling pile first created the world’s first   (map); Liuzhou: Huanjiang waterfront Avenue opened and Kwun Tong Bridge lotus road construction相关的主题文章: