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Liu Run you didn’t lose to me, you lost to the law of nature-agogoktv

Liu Run: you did not lose to me, you lost to the law of nature – Sohu technology Liu Run, founder of the M & M consulting, Internet transformation expert, former director of strategic cooperation Microsoft. I left from 2013 to 1999 to join Microsoft, working in Microsoft Corp for nearly 14 years, so after leaving Microsoft, often someone will ask me such a question: now what do you think of Microsoft? Especially what do you think about the competition between apple and Microsoft? This is a very interesting question, is also very difficult to answer the question. Some people say: Microsoft is a great company, and now has become cool enough, his internal organization is rigid, facing the change of the times, not quick to embrace change, missed the Internet era, the era of mobile phone more missed. You look at other people’s apple, his leaders how innovative, you see how well iPhone do. Competition between Microsoft and apple, there are a variety of views, I can not stand on behalf of Microsoft to express their views, can only talk about their personal views and understanding. So why is that? Why is Microsoft in the PC era in mobile phone era but very influential, until today, still can not go beyond apple? There are a lot of interpretations on this issue, and we put aside the human factors in the first place, we want to provide an analysis from the perspective of business logic, this angle is called? This is what we call a network effect. What is the network effect? We will explain, until today, Microsoft at least billions of users worldwide, the billions of users, is a very large base, but is not only important to users, more importantly, behind the billions of users, with hundreds of millions of developers. These developers provide a lot of software to the users, such as Microsoft to write their own Office, Teng flood’s QQ, Adobe’s graphics processing software and so on, there are more and more, hundreds of thousands, or even millions. There is a very interesting relationship between users and developers. We imagine that if the number of users of an operating system is not enough, this time developers see so little to the user, he developed applications are not worth ah, but also equipped with a small team. Users see it, oh, the application of this operating system, too little of it, played one or two times did not feel what value does not. Users do not have to, developers feel more worthless, and even more reluctant to develop. So in the case of developers and users are not many, the two sides will be negative incentives to each other, the less the total number will be less. On the contrary, when the number of developers and users of an operating system is very large, the user a look, wow, so many high-quality applications, would like to stay. Conversely, the application developers look, wow, more and more users, they are more willing to seriously update the version, improve quality. More on the sidelines of the developers will be willing to join,.相关的主题文章: