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Liu Jiang interpretation of our little meat in love launched in November 7th (video)-www.sdcp.cn

Liu Jiang interpretation of "we love it" little meat "we love it" November 7th launch bestie Trailer three women in a drama Tencent entertainment news third "China TV actor" award ceremony today (October 23rd) held in Beijing, the famous director Liu Jiang low-key appearance, with actor Zhang Guangbei and producer Cao Ping, actor Ma Su to explore the "actor’s self-cultivation, which is directed by Liu Jiang for third consecutive years to participate in the selection, in his opinion, this is the selection of" public welfare "and" non-profit "," the industry some of atmosphere is not very good, so this award has become particularly important, need to have such an award to call some positive energy". A good actor is DeYiShuangXin asked in the eyes of the Chinese good actor "image, director Liu Jiang expressed a great admiration for Mr. Li Xuejian, who was in the two TV series" life "in the oath had very memorable cooperation, director Liu Jiang said:" Li Xuejian teacher is very admirable artists, called the industry model. A lot of actors willing to change the word, change the scene. The two creation is not impossible, but after all, film and television works is a collective creation, have to take into account the overall, you can not fit him inappropriate. Snow health teacher in the creation will also put forward ideas, but he will first want to interfere with others, and then in his own plan to think well, also will bring others. Put forward his proposal on the premise of not interfering with others, which is a very admirable place for the old artists. There is sometimes the interval between the two plays very long, let him go back to rest until he came back, he insisted that ‘I do not go back to work’, he would prefer to stay in the field will not run back and forth. I heard that many young actors, very care about in the studio waiting time, some time, half lines to say right away, it’s not occupation." The so-called "good actor" in one word is "DeYiShuangXin", in addition to acting better, character, occupation morality is very important, even more important than acting. Director Liu Jiang said: "I’m glad I worked with the actors are very dedicated, probably to my group in the movie actor also ran to play, we know that serious filming will have the harvest. I’ve heard of a number, but I’ve never seen it. I can’t play it in my group. The essence of the show is the exchange, there must be a real exchange with the opponent will play. Read 123 how to produce influenza? How to communicate with a substitute? This is completely contrary to the law of practice. Film and television creation is to pay attention to the "professional" collaborative operations as the creation of a lot of word of mouth ratings of the work of the director, Liu Jiang and how to choose the actor? Liu Jiang said that the first consideration is the actor’s character, followed by a good play, high standard of business, once again to fit the role. Film and television drama creation is to pay attention to collaborative operations. The idol Spy Drama little meat, these hot words, Liu Jiang’s performance was very calm, he strictly emphasized the "professional", "whether the spy, life, costume, emphasize the actor’s professional qualities, to really listen to really see true feelings, these are actually the most basic things, low requirement of idol drama I do not agree with this argument, why can not the idol like normal people talk, do facial expression? This.相关的主题文章: