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Linda classic PK Ma Sichun’s art, which one do you prefer? The recent major fashion week and a big wave to heel, China actress big show clothing and jewelry is not stop, not only on Ma Sichun’s literary fashion week Hailu Qin and strong woman, retro, classic and stylish Linda, and all star Conference on domestic dress is beauty, is to give you see is not the same surprise! Who would prefer to dress up? Fashionable special square neck design, and bow straps elaborate good adorable, Linda with black dress collocation Forevermark sling diamonds, simple fashion, small woman show. Ma Sichun elegant debut GUCCI2017 spring and summer show. She was wearing a GUCCI2016 winter series, Royal collar and double G beads full skirt collocation, hot GUCCI handbags and the same brand of Maryja high-heeled shoes, retro art. Gucci 2017 Cruise Collection pearl rings show the little girl’s sense of humor. Local time on September 21st, Hailu Qin Alberta Ferretti in the spring of 2017 series of blue texture suit, as in the past and clear! Slightly exposed black Bra, showing the small business line, more than a little sexy, hand ring and decorated with diamond earrings dotting the eye-catching, from Forevermark forevermark. Ella Chen HOGAN in the spring and summer of 2017 preview scene lively appeared wearing a striped shirt and ~ thick shoes Ella naughty funny casual collocation jewelry more a charming little woman temperament ~ September 20th morning, Yao Tong departed Milan fashion week, she dressed in loose white HM PEACEBIRD T-shirt, black hole jeans, MANGO suede boots, collocation Mulberry black chain decoration package, Gentle Monster sunglasses, MonkiWorld ring letter full of fun, casual handsome. White T-shirt, floral skirt collocation, are the most basic elements of popular, fresh and natural feeling of little girls, Linda Van Cleef & Choker on collocation; and sunglasses and black clover Pendant Arpels classic, fashionable breath. The evening of September 23rd, Princess Zhang Tianai wearing Tiffany & Co. platinum diamond earrings and necklace, the "Silk Road" unveiled at the Xi’an International Film Festival opening ceremony of the red carpet. Under the strong mosaic of pure platinum, diamonds can display the fire color to the greatest extent, which makes the "crown prince" of the red carpet for the first time become more attractive. Is there a perfect match between Lan Qin’s elegant white skirt and KEER Chiba top jewelry? Elegant, sure, needless to say. Good words, not the entire interview process is very Weakness lends wings to rumours., with. The new look of white lily is the goddess representative of fresh and white beauty, simple fashion, wearing Chanel advanced jewelry is adding a little feminine flavor, this dress is very thin, you can see its entity?

Linda的经典PK马思纯的文艺 你更爱哪一个?  最近各大时装周接踵而至,一大波中国女星大秀衣品与珠宝更是停不下来,不仅时装周上有马思纯的文艺复古,秦海璐的干练御姐, Linda的经典与时髦,而且国内各种发布会上明星的装扮更是争奇斗艳,就是为了给你们看到不一样的惊喜!究竟更喜欢谁的装扮呢?  时髦特别的方领设计,和精巧乖萌的蝴蝶结肩带,Linda用黑色吊带礼裙搭配Forevermark美钻,简约时尚,小女人味尽显。  马思纯优雅亮相GUCCI2017春夏大秀。她身穿GUCCI2016秋冬系列,宫廷珠饰领和布满双G的大裙摆,搭配大热的GUCCI手袋和同品牌的玛丽珍高跟鞋,文艺复古。Gucci 2017 Cruise Collection珍珠戒指流露出小女孩的俏皮感。  当地时间9月21日,秦海璐身着Alberta Ferretti 2017早春系列宝蓝色纹理西服套装,一如既往地洒脱干练!微微露出黑色Bra,小示事业线,还多了一点点小性感,手上的戒指和点缀的钻石耳饰点睛夺目,来自Forevermark永恒印记。  陈嘉桦在HOGAN 2017春夏预览现场活泼现身~身穿条纹衫和厚底鞋的Ella顽皮搞怪,休闲装搭配珠宝更多了一丝妩媚小女人气质~  9月20日上午,童瑶启程米兰时装周,她身着HM宽松白色T恤,PEACEBIRD黑色破洞牛仔裤,MANGO麂皮短靴,搭配Mulberry黑色链条装饰包,Gentle Monster太阳镜,MonkiWorld字母戒指趣味十足,随性帅气。  白色T恤搭配碎花裙,都是最基础的流行元素,清新自然的小女生感觉,Linda搭配上Van Cleef & Arpels经典的四叶草吊坠和黑色的choker和墨镜,增添了时尚气息。  9月23日晚,“太子妃”张天爱佩戴Tiffany & Co.铂金镶钻耳环及项链,亮相西安“丝绸之路”国际电影节红毯开幕式。在纯净铂金的牢固镶嵌下,钻石得以最大程度彰显出熠熠火彩,令首次登上电影节红毯的“太子妃”愈发明艳动人。  秦岚的优雅的白裙与KEER千叶高级珠宝的搭配有没有非常完美呢?优雅尽显肯定不用说。话说,好人缘也不是空穴来风,整个采访过程也是非常的配合。  白百合的新look更是清新美白范儿的女神代表,简约时尚,佩戴的香奈儿高级珠宝更是增添了些许女人味,这次的装扮也非常的显瘦,你能看出其实体重已过百吗?相关的主题文章: