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Lin Dan: I will continue to play sports — people.com.cn original title: Lin Dan: I will continue to play in August 28th, badminton player Lin Dan (left) of interest in table tennis and badminton racket for table tennis player Li Xiaoxia. On the same day, the Rio Olympics Olympic delegation mainland elite table tennis, badminton players to interact with the public in Hongkong, the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, and bring the demonstration. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Qin Qing Xinhua Hongkong August 28th sports news (reporter Zhang Jing Xia Fan) badminton champion Lin Dan said in Hongkong on 28, Li Zongwei met such strong opponents in the occupation career, is my honor. "Li Zongwei said he would continue to play, I will continue to play." Lin Dan said. 28, members of the mainland Olympic elite delegation in Hongkong Elizabeth stadium to participate in the Olympic elite agreed that you variety show, and the public intimate interaction. The host asked what the future plans, Lin Dan made the above answer, causing the audience screams and applause. Shortly before the end of the Rio Olympic Games, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei staged thirty-seventh Lin Lee war, after the battle of the 3 innings, the first time in the history of the world’s first defeat in the history of the big game, Lin Dan, Li Zongwei. After the game, two people take off their clothes to each other and staged a time to embrace the picture infected thousands of people. Lin Dan eventually won the Olympic Badminton Men’s singles fourth grades. (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: