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Life is a collection of many priceless treasures of Emperor Qianlong 9c8996

As a collection of many priceless treasures of life in general impression, the hobby of collecting mostly merchants and antique lovers, but in ancient collectors appeared in a collection of names with a great reputation, absolutely let you unexpected, he is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty sixth emperor Hongli, i.e.. He was later known as the "Shiquan elderly", "ancient emperors" in the history of China is love and the ability of people to make the world priceless treasures. His collection of Huize EMI, until today. Now we go to Beijing, Taipei’s the Imperial Palace, on display ancient treasures handed down, many are his collection. In the world’s major auction houses on the auction of the most, but also his collection. In recent years, one of the controversial of the rat head and rabbit head statue is the emperor Qian Long of the Old Summer Palace, but it is eight had lost to overseas. The emperor Qian Long inherited from his grandfather’s paintings, curios there, the number of Bi life rare treasures collected huge, unique in the world. Some collections, contributions from the servants. Qianlong two degrees Naxun, libushangshu Jiejia to Shen Deqian, once with seven pieces of calligraphy and painting: Dong Qichang Wen Zhengming, running two copies of a roll, a landscape of Tang landscape volumes, Wang Jian landscape of a shaft, a shaft, Wang Hui Yun Shouping flower landscape axis. The Buddha is gigantic and Shen, "Long Count Chi Xu Yu Que in the". The essence is in favor of the Qianlong tribute to governor Li Shiyao has been punished Chaogu, a copy of the "Golden Buddha three, pearl grapes a coral tree four feet, three lines", are ready to offer tribute. Of course, a considerable part of Qianlong’s collection was made by the government. Emperor Qian Long especially Yucheng love addiction, he spent a lot of manpower and financial resources dedicated to the production and collection of jade, so Qian Long toward the collection of jade is very abundant. Only a "King Yu combating the flood" of Yushan, the jade from Xinjiang by sea to Beijing, and then transported to Yangzhou, made back to the Forbidden City, has spent 10 years. This * * jade, nine feet and five inches high, weighs more than 10 thousand and 700 pounds, is the king of jade. Now the Yushan is placed in the Museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace, accept people travel review. At the same time, there are tens of thousands of pieces of jade to accept the review, which is mostly collected during the Qian Long period. For decades, from the national to search tick art appreciation, often with "Qianlong Emperor Qianlong of the reward treasure", "sanxitang fine Kam Xi", "Yi son" and other chapters, as collections of Italy, then let Chen, refined words fine the way be arranged, for instance directory, by the emperor then, compiled into a book, such as "Xiqing Kam", "ancient ancient bronzes" Shoujian Ning system directory set, "Department of ancient inkstone inkstone spectrum" directory in xiqing. As early as eight years of Qianlong, he decided, will house a collection of paintings of a large-scale consolidation. First of all the Buddhist and Taoist works, compiled into a directory "secret" for second years, the temple of Buddhist literature; contains all painting collections of the "Shiqu Baoji" started compiling. This is an unprecedented finishing work, it will be for two thousand years of Chinese calligraphy and painting collection of the court on a full stop. After the completion of the "Shiqu Baoji", including the sequel, three for a total of 225 copies of the book. This is the two generation of the Ming and Qing dynasties.相关的主题文章: