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Liaoning in the fifteenth round of inspections 17 units to 8 units of area &quot ” look -splitit

Liaoning: the fifteenth round of inspections of 17 units to 8 units of area   " " look back; – Politics – people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in September 9, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, according to the unified deployment of the provincial Party committee and provincial inspection work leading group recently, the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the fifteenth round of inspections in full swing. 15 inspection teams were stationed in the 17 provincial departments and provincial organs of Party organizations to carry out special inspections in 8 regions, departments and enterprises Party organizations to carry out inspections to "look back", the current round of inspections for one month and a half. Provincial inspection group will focus on strengthening the "Four Consciousness", with "four comprehensive", a comprehensive focus strictly, closely linked to the "six discipline", focus on key people, things, focus on key issues, to carry out political inspection, tries to find the weakening, the leadership of the party construction of the party, the party strictly from the lack of inadequate etc. the problem. To reflect the leading cadres in other aspects of the important issues and the next leading group of the main person in charge of the problem clues, inspection teams should understand. According to the relevant provisions of the provincial inspection teams patrol units primarily reflect the admissibility of the leadership and membership of letters, calls, visits, the focus is on the violation of political discipline, organization and discipline, discipline, and discipline of the masses, work discipline and discipline and other aspects of the report and reflect. Other issues do not belong to the scope of the admissibility of the Petition Petition, will be in accordance with the level of responsibility, the principle of territorial management, referred to the inspection unit and the relevant departments to deal with. The special inspection unit: Provincial Office (including provincial confidential Bureau, the Provincial State Security Bureau), the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department (including provincial instructors, northeast network, Internet publicity Management Bureau), provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department, the provincial Party committee, the provincial policy research office, Taiwan province (Taiwan affairs office the government), provincial Office of the Committee and the Working Committee directly under the authority of the provincial government, the provincial Complaints Bureau, Party History Research Center, the Provincial Bureau of retired cadres, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC organs organs, provincial audit department, the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, Party group, Institute of socialism. "Look back" patrol units are: the provincial education department, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhuanghe City, Xiuyan County, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Shenyang Sport University, Shenyang coal industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Liaoning newspaper media group. (Tong Zongli, deep commissioning editor: Yin)相关的主题文章: