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Liaoning cracked more than 1 billion yuan involved in the case of large cross-border Internet casino-faxuan.net

Liaoning cracked involving more than 1 billion yuan of large cross-border open online casino case – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Zhu Mingyu) Liaoning Province, Benxi City Public Security Bureau news release said 25, the Bureau uncovered involving more than 1 billion yuan of large cross-border open online casino case. In March 2016, Liaoning Benxi police found a network of gambling gangs frequently committed crimes in Liaoning, Guangdong, Shanxi and other places, immediately set up a task force investigation, was listed as "yellow gambling crime against the chain breaking action" Chinese first cases of Ministry of public security. The police after months of investigation, the online gambling Gang principal of Guangdong Chen Shantou people, engaged in online gambling for more than 10 years, the year in Hongkong, set up a server to open gambling sites, and development in the mainland is offline. The gang is divided into six levels, the proportion of the upper extraction ratio of more than 15%. The lower part of the members involved in gambling, with the number of Web sites can be directly involved in gambling. Task force to track the flow of funds through the investigation, monitoring the movement of persons involved in the way, all levels of personnel involved in the lock. When the principal Chen Huanggang in Shenzhen port of entry, seized by the police on the spot control, electronic storage card and other important evidence of a crime. Since then, the task force mobilized more than 200 police officers rushed to the scene and arrested 23 suspects involved. The China supervision of the Ministry of public security of large network of casino case solved so far, the gambling Gang’s "Bai Sheng", "Xing Sheng", "close" and "Ruixing international", "Venice" and other gambling sites were completely destroyed. As of now, the police seized the computer 12 units, more than 200 bank cards, freeze money about 41000000 yuan, 4 people are set as fugitives online. By the bank, the gambling network involved more than 1 billion yuan. Currently, the case is under further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: