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Li Keqiang’s visit to the four countries, the transmission of the voice of China – Sohu news-shiyang

Li Keqiang’s visit to the four countries, the transmission of the voice of China? Sohu (CNR news reporter Feng Yue Xingsi Jia Li Simo) in late autumn, and to gauge the Keqiang rhythm "start again. Local time on November 2nd afternoon, should the Kyrgyz Republic Prime Minister Genbe Kopf invitation, Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Bishkek, began an official visit to Kyrgyzstan and attend the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States government (Prime Minister) Council of the fifteenth meeting. In the afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang held talks with Prime Minister Genbe Kopf said: Li Keqiang: Kyrgyzstan maintained a highly strategic mutual trust, as friendly neighbors and strategic partners, China will as in the past to support Kyrgyzstan to choose the path of development according to their national conditions and internal and external policies, support Kyrgyzstan to safeguard national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the the efforts of the Chinese side is willing to provide assistance to kyrgyzstan. This year is the 15 anniversary of the establishment of the sco. Local time at noon on November 3rd, Premier Li Keqiang attended the fifteenth meeting of the heads of government of the Shanghai cooperation organization member states (Prime Minister) in the Bishkek state guesthouse conference center. Prime Minister Li Keqiang said that at present, the international situation is undergoing profound changes, the SCO member states only work together to achieve common development and long period of stability. Local time on November 3rd afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang has just ended in Kyrgyzstan fifteenth times the dense agenda will be the prime minister, went to the airport to fly to Kazakhstan, the capital of Astana, beginning 3 hours "whirlwind" diplomatic visit. The core content of this visit is to accelerate the upcoming third year of the Sino Kazakh cooperation in production capacity". Premier Li Keqiang stressed, "I hope the pragmatic cooperation between China and Kazakhstan to further promote cooperation capacity as an important carrier, in mutual respect and mutual benefit on the basis of the tangible results of cooperation for the benefit of the two peoples." Riga, the capital of Latvia in early November, with a deep snow to greet visiting Prime Minister China in 15 other countries in central and Eastern Europe and the arrival of the buddies. Local time on November 4th, Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Riga, attended the fifth meeting of the central and Eastern European countries and the official visit to Latvia. This year marks the 25 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latin America, the Chinese Premier’s first visit to push bilateral relations to a new height. During the visit, Prime Minister Li Keqiang also with "16+1" the blueprint for mutually beneficial cooperation. Local time on November 5th afternoon, Premier Li Keqiang said at the meeting of fifth Chinese Middle East European leaders speak, after 4 years of development, 16+1 cooperation mechanism is more perfect, more solid foundation, more broad prospects, and to promote the next "16+1" put forward four initiatives. First, deepen infrastructure and interoperability, and further enhance the central European countries in the Eurasian Continental Bridge hub. Two is to play a good role in supporting financial cooperation, in a variety of ways to provide financial support for 16+1 cooperation project. Three is to open up new space for green economic cooperation, strengthen green.相关的主题文章: