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Li Chun Dad said that this line of business to have a steel nerve spyair

Li Chun: Dad said to have nerves of steel left to do this line: Joe Alvin, Li Chun topic Author Information Times reporter Ma Zewang "life of Pi" let Ang Lee second degrees in Oscar won the best director award. 4 years later, he took on his new work, "the battle of Billy and Lynn". In addition to the technical aspects of the film, there is also a topic – Ang Lee’s youngest son, Li Chun starred in the film, a U.S. soldier, Yang Yang, Theodore. The character is not much of an actor, but when Ang Lee was in China, he was the only actor to play the role of Billy, the hero of the game, Joe, who had only a few of the men in the world. The only actor who played the role of the man in the world was the only one who had played the role of the man who played the part of the men’s side of the world by the men and women who played the role of the hero of the men and women. The 26 year old Li Chun started from * * * to be labeled "by Dad" label, but he repeatedly said he does not mind, dad is Ang Lee anyway, this is a fact that he can do is carefully in their works, let the audience know him gradually through role. Li Chun in an interview with foreign media also said that when he was an actor, Ang Lee taught him the first lesson is: do this line, there must be a strong iron and steel to survive." In private while young, but Ang Lee gave 80 points "Billy Lynn midfield war" the story is very simple, in the Iraq war, the 19 year old from Dezhou’s soldier Billy Lynn because of a video exposure he and B class several of his comrades in the shootout and become the American hero rescue monitor. In a football game held in Dezhou, Lynn and he was awarded several of his comrades back home, will be in the game halftime show with ms.right combination, as well as Hollywood studios to discuss the movie adaptation of the heroic deeds of the matters with them. Lynn and his teammates, who are regarded as heroes, have other ideas in mind. Battlefield wounds, sudden honor, Vanity Fair temptation and evil, let Lynn in a short time by the pure boy grew up into a man. Li Chun plays Theodore Yang is one of the 7 comrades Lynn, only Asian faces among U.S. soldiers is a B class in the team, his comrades call him lucky. Ben Fang Deng wrote the original novel and not in this role, Ang Lee modified the script specifically added to this role, he is because too many original novel members of the B class, "I put the book in the two roles of a synthetic, for Asians to play, because I think there should be there are Asian soldiers, you see Iraq often have Chinese and Hispanic men, may these groups in American society is relatively poor, there are a lot of people are rushing to get a green card to get the ID soldier." Ben Fang Deng also endorsed the views of Ang Lee, because Lynn went to the army, not the so-called "patriotism" role, but because he helped the wronged sister head, smashed sister fiance luxury car, and then to a soldier in exchange for exemption from legal sanctions. Li Chun said in an interview, the director Ang Lee asked if he wanted to play the active role of the young Theodore, "I know that the first" Billy Lynn’s war "midfielder because father is to change the script at home, then I have to buy a novel, read the very love, when he asked me would you like to play I am very happy to." Director is Dad相关的主题文章: