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Business Lead generation is one of the online marketing tools that means generating contacts (i.e. phone numbers and e mail addresses) of people who are interested in the products or services of a business. Generating business leads online is the fastest growing business in the web. At the rate of 71%, it is growing twice as fast as the advertising agency itself (source: IDC Research). In todays .petitive world, generating business leads is just not a mere advancement factor, but one that is absolutely necessary. Creative list building enables one to generate leads in a way that is sophisticated, easy and effective. The only way that any online business, small or big, can grow is by generating leads. But that is the part that is toughest. One cannot make an effective list of interested people just by posing an advertisement in the web. The same is true about hiring an agency. Because the only way that can help is to provide you with e mail addresses of countless people. And you dont know which of them are genuine or not and which are of interested people or not. So your only reliable option remains a lead capture page, which are one-paged websites that are designed to provide information that is enough for attracting a users attention and then directs him/her into joining the lead capture page creators email list or in other words to create a business lead. One may question the need of this kind of websites or lead capture pages. If the website is not providing enough information for the .pany then why should people be attracted? Well the answer is, the trick is in mystery. Most people are not .fortable into the product or service when they are easily available at one place on the inter.. So they wont bother to join even if s/he will buy the particular service or product with proper marketing. Often lead capture pages are useful. They provide only the information that is enough to ensure customers curiosity and attention and then they need to fill their personal information such as their contacts in the form provided (and the procedure should be free). The customer would provide the information and dont lose a buck and the lead capture page creator gets a new lead. Then you proceed with the contact and employ your marketing skill to sell the service offered by you. Having a personal list of leads is helpful and needs only creativity and imagination. Your page may contain personal photos, avatars, large banners, challenging questions, your own artwork or even handwritten notes and anything else that might attract your customer. So if you want to be different, do something different: be a lead capture page creator. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: