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Lansdowne Theater Gets Grant From Delco Council-gamelink

Automobiles A Community Development Block Grant worth $126,500 was awarded to the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation last week to fund restoration work on the building’s trademark marquee. Members of Delaware County Council announced the award underneath the marquee Thursday afternoon with local artists, concert promoters and Matt Schultz, Executive Director of the non-profit Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation. Opened in 1927, the theater showed movies and hosted live performances until it was closed in 1987 after an electrical fire during a screening of Beverly Hills Cop 2, starring Eddie Murphy. The theater’s first show was on June 1, 1927, when Kockout Riley starring Richard Dix was screened, with tickets available for 15 cents. The grant is part of an ongoing effort to restore the theater in addition to other projects aimed at revitalizing many of Delaware County’s oldest municipalities. "The revitalization of our first-generation communities is an ongoing priority for Delaware County Council," Chairman Jack Whelan said. "We are pleased that we can contribute to the preservation of remarkable buildings like the Lansdowne Theater and to support cultural endeavors tat draw people to our towns." Schultz has been working for several years to reopen the theater and make it an attractive venue for small musical performances, as well for internationally known performers. Last year, the theater hosted a performance by a capella group Straight No Chaser that sold out. "This is just the first step in a project that we hope will restore the entire building and bring national music acts and provide opportunities for non-profit performing arts groups to use this really incredible space," Schultz said. The grant provides funds to have new signage manufactured that replicate the original lettering and neon lights that adorned the heart of Lansdowne’s business district for almost 60 years. For the last quarter century, however, those light have been dimmed. With the grant money, the lights will be turned back on, but this time they will powered by 98 energy-efficient LED bulbs instead of the original incandescent bulbs. Local government representatives present at the presentation included Lansdowne Mayor Jayne Young who has worked with borough council to improve the climate of the business district, and state Representative Nick Micozzie, who secured a Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development grant in 2007 for the Theater Corporation to purchase the theater. Bringing businesses to busy corridor along Lansdowne Avenue and Baltimore Pike has been an ongoing effort at many levels of government, and the theater could serve as a nexus for new economic development. Already flanked by Cinema 16:9, and independent movie theater and DVD rental store, and Regency Caf, the block is ripe with business opportunities that will only increase with the complete restoration of the theater. In general speaking, 12V LED has become more and more affordable, therefore auto LED bulbs have been used widely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: