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Lang Ping will continue to coach Chinese women’s volleyball team I want to be quiet – Sohu Sports-ca1805

Lang Ping will continue to teach women’s volleyball China responded: I want to quietly Sohu sports at the Rio Olympics women’s volleyball team led by China after gold, upgraded to the national goddess Lang Ping on the "iron hammer" in Beijing, Hongkong, Macao, Xi’an, Hangzhou and other places, Changsha in various activities lianzhouzhuan, recently, she finally arrived at lived in Guangzhou for 5 years. Yesterday, Lang Ping took the disciple huireqi and Xu Yunli unveiled the University city. For even the most, was asked about whether to continue Chinese women’s volleyball team to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 at the topic, her response is given: after this busy, I want to rest, consider the things behind, because (renewal) need to calm down to think. Guangzhou Daily reporter Yang Min "the goddess" after returning to lianzhouzhuan summary, celebration, welfare, entertainment, universal goddess lianzhouzhuan after returning from Rio Lang Ping after returning home, the universal goddess is very busy. Reporters from the sorting time axis can be found, from the beginning of August 24th, she was removed in the big city, the delegation participated in the summary of the general assembly, with the Olympic elite visit, attended the celebration activities, sponsors endorsements products, participate in public service activities on campus, a large variety show debut…… Almost every one or two days, Lang Ping appeared in a public occasion, and she went out, all caused. In addition to personal endorsement of the signing ceremony, Lang Ping often attended the event always with her favorite, the most frequent is captain Hui Ruoqi and the Rio Olympic Games MVP Zhu Ting. As generations of Chinese idol, Lang Ping is the most difficult people remain humble, she repeatedly referred to this China women’s volleyball gold precious gold medal is not their own personal merit, but on the whole team training and perseverance to round the clock to get. In addition to the women’s volleyball team, with the light phase shows large man with her daughter whitecaps and husband Wang Yucheng, their own experiences and make people aware of the "goddess" in the field of life. In the mid autumn festival night with her husband in Xi’an to participate in the CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party, Lang Ping accompanied by her sister down to Guangzhou. From 2009 to 2013, she has been living here for 5 years because of the women’s volleyball team. With Xu Yunli and Yuan heart? At Guangya middle school teachers and students after the meeting, she took Hui Ruoqi and Xu Yunli came to the university city yesterday to attend the "Washington University? Villas" fund project launch ceremony. Wearing a blue shirt Lang Ping refreshed, although reduced, but did not let go for a few days and she looks too tired. At the ceremony, Lang Ping apprentice 3 people receive a "Najib Jixiang" three pieces of calligraphy, and their return is quite close to, Chinese women’s volleyball family portrait and the signature photo. Lang Ping took out an envelope and pulled out one to show you, and then also humorously added: "there is a big stack." After this first to make their own arrangements no specific timetable for the Rio deal off the end of the Olympic Games, the Tokyo Olympic cycle was opened. Now most concerned about the outside world, is whether Lang Ping to stay on China women’s volleyball coach. Earlier in"相关的主题文章: