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Kuang’s Golden Week Super open wait for the price of gold is much lower after step back nvidia geforce gt 740m

Kuang’s Golden Week ": Super open" wait for the price of gold stepped back after the low We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: Kuang’s Golden Week ": Super open" wait for the price of gold is much lower after stepped back no matter what kind of investment way we choose, for most people, the investment is not necessarily a part of life, but this is the time to give each person to obtain a wealth of opportunity, this opportunity also need someone to hold and combination the actual operation, we combine a lot of theory and practice, the Daily commentary is not to mind taking the trouble, I hope to help some investors, from see trend in the market have a real foothold, only this. But the market has experienced a few weeks after operation or not with shock, we think so optimistic, although gold and silver rose last week, but there are also the United States that after the pursuers, before the charge into the enemy ranks, no retreat, only to see this week to turn the tide of gold and silver. The trend invincible, there is this trend, we must understand the place, in accordance with the layout of last week, gold and silver dips into multiple is the trend, but from the current trend, step back to follow up is also a kind of low profit way. This week, the focus is on the general market to see the Fed announced the results of the meeting and the meeting statement, as well as the United States in October and other changes in the employment rate of non-agricultural employment and other important economic events and data performance. There is good news for Hilary elected last week to promote the United States refers to the upside, then, Delaki and the British side of the joint inside, the pound and the euro also let fly for a while, so last week data belongs to, who also didn’t trickle blurred, who account for the advantage of gold and silver is not affected by how much, how to go or how to run disk technology. The interpretation of this week: early continue to see below the reference: a gold weekly trend this week: Gold: early opening to continue on Friday after the step back to 1280 this week, is the key to the long and short boundaries, we have always stressed that in the early 1250, to support the potential to see 1280, roadshow also repeatedly pointed out that we the point of view, this time, the price is really coming, and also show the weekly bearing position, 1285 is just the high point in March 12th this year, so can form a head and shoulders pattern, this week has seen the trend. Position range in the bearing, metal prices last week last hit highs, because the United States GDP bearish gold and silver and gold, still supported above 1260, but the U.S. consumer confidence index recorded the lowest level, strong support for gold counter, the highest 1283.7, defensive rebound is the most important reason for the rebound on Friday today, gold support 1270 unchanged, dips into multiple, consider the layout in the vicinity. Silver trend for a few weeks: silver is not much fluctuation, and now the price in the vicinity of 17.78 consolidation, finally let us to see, to see a glimmer of hope. Countless times the price almost fell below the 17.3 line, we are not short of much of the short line of the middle of the shake, adhere to, and then adhere to, the 18 also on the 17.4相关的主题文章: