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Korean media the application of Shunshi female Cui has been traced back door to college dropout – So-ca1816

Korean media: the application of Shunshi female Cui has been traced back door to college dropout – Sohu news November 3, 2016, South Korea, Seoul, Cui Shunshi Pu Jinhui of the Seoul central court bestie "intervention" incident scrutiny after leaving. In November 10, according to Yonhap reported that South Korea Ewha Womans University says 10 days, presidential cronies behind politics party Cui Shunshi’s daughter Jeong, in October 31st through the school network management system to submit application for. The school official said, the students put out the application need to print out the original on the Internet, after the student, the guardian, tutor, Dean in the original signature, by the principal or the agent will apply to the withdrawal application was accepted. At present, the Ministry of education in the open door admission accused Jeong Ewha Womans University to carry out special inspections, if the survey found that illegal acts, Jeong original admission may be cancelled. In 2015, the daughter of Cui Shunshi Jeong "equestrian students" identity was admitted to the Ewha Womans University, Ewha university enrollment in the past have never had a ride. ". Allegedly, after admission Jeong, the school suddenly got a lot of research funding for the national research projects; never attended the classroom, even the report has to deal with the matter Jeong, actually get high marks in the exam. In August this year, the teachers and students of Ewha Womans University held a large-scale demonstrations to protest the "sale of school degree, forced President Cui Jingji to resign in October 19th. At present, the South Korean Ministry of education is to watch the situation.相关的主题文章: