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Korean media North Korea to sell Taiwan fishing rights to raise money for millions of dollars in ann-4000dy

Korean media: North Korea to sell Taiwan fishing rights to raise money every year for millions of dollars in Sohu – Military Channel Map: Taiwan fishing area. Observer network synthesis: according to Yonhap News reported on October 14th, familiar with North Korea in the ROK news sources, recently sold to North Korea’s exclusive economic zone in Taiwan area China fishing rights. Currently dozens of 300 tons of Taiwan fishing boats have been carried out in the eastern waters of the Korean fishing operations. The source pointed out that a Taiwan fishing vessel to pay about $1400 per day to the North Korean government (about NT $45 thousand or $9500). North Korea also requires Taiwan fishing boats to hire North Korean workers, and provides a monthly salary of $500. South Korean media English "Arirang news" (Arirang News) estimates that North Korea from the deal can get millions of dollars every year. South Korean intelligence authorities responsible person said Yonhap are verifying the relevant information. In August this year, South Korean media confirmed that North Korea is to sell Chinese eastern sea fishing right, can be paid approximately $72 million per year (about 488 million yuan). South Korean media speculated that in the context of the United Nations launched a severe sanctions, North Korea has sold its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) fishing rights to foreign countries, mainly in order to raise more money.相关的主题文章: