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Korean media announced the most plastic female star was her first-verbal jint

Korean media announced the largest plastic female star was actually her first NO.4 Quan Baolan is also a combination of T-ARA blue, in everybody’s impression is always a doll like, a kind of adorable face. A suspected surgical site: thin face, eyelids, eyes open. NO.3 Liu Renna Liu Renna Ouni acting really did not have to say, "Ren queen man" orange king have seen several times. And they also admit that he is not very similar with the plastic surgery. Suspected surgical site: double fold, open eyes, nose, chin. NO.2 Pu Minying, needless to say, the "City Hunter" and "healer", the female master, will pick the script actress. A suspected surgical site: eyelid, open his eyes, nose, face lift. Find more to the back with the previous gap really is more and more big… NO.1… Yin Xianshu first came up with! Although we may not know her, she is a veteran Korean artists, and played some of the previous drama or something. But guess how old this sister is? 45 friends! Can you see that? Then you look at her cosmetic photos, have a little middle-aged feeling. But before she… After surgery for the first time in the media before the debut, completely changed into a head, a 20 year old girl, now a living sign of the hospital….word days, the magic of the earth!!! Responsible for the operation to Yin Xianshu said the doctor, Yin Xianshu cosmetic surgery is not only large and cumbersome, except through the cut bone surgery make face to shorten the length of 6 mm to highlight the mouth back outside, also found after removing the four corners of the Chin… Finished, it’s advertising for Korean cosmetic industry????相关的主题文章: