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Kampuchea’s prime minister refuted the Internet users accused the South China Sea I am not a Vietnam-ppbox

Kampuchea’s prime minister countered that the more Internet users accused the South China Sea: I am not a Vietnamese puppet – Sohu news Hong Sen said: I would like to reiterate: I am not a puppet of Vietnam, Vietnam will not serve the interests of. I am not Vietnam’s boss, will not require Vietnam to serve the interests of Kampuchea. The issue of the South China Sea should be solved peacefully by the Vietnamese government and the Chinese government, which is better than the way you use dirty words to attack on my home page." It is understood that since Hong Sen expressed support for China stance in the South China Sea issue, especially in Kampuchea to the Hague arbitration result to the ASEAN foreign ministers’ statement, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Vietnamese netizens in Kampuchea government and Prime Minister Hong Sen of the social web page message, people also use insulting words accused Kampuchea of supporting Chinese. Vietnam, the education newspaper, 28, said it was Hong Sen this month, the public response to the Vietnamese public opinion of the third. For the first time in August 1st, Hong Sen responded to a Vietnamese Internet user accusing him of betraying Vietnam. "Vietnam is not my boss," he said I just allegiance to the Khmer nation." The second time was in August 24th, Hong Sen in the face book reprimand a vitriolic Vietnamese female netizen said, Kampuchea has never had problems because of the South China Sea damage ASEAN relations, "if you or your country and China have problems, please their peaceful solution. Don’t blame me, don’t put Kampuchea into the internal problems in your country." He also questioned the female Internet users, "is it your own opinion, or the Vietnamese authorities ordered you to attack me?" In June 28th, Hong Sen graduated from the Kampuchea School of administration at public speaking, the Japanese ambassador to Kampuchea, criticized some foreign countries behind it all. Hong Sen said that Japan should not withdraw aid to affect the opposition and civil society. He said, "I told you that Hong Sen is not so easily overwhelmed…… Don’t talk too much if you help the Kampuchea if you really come to help us. Kampuchea dare to play their own cards, and not afraid of failure."相关的主题文章: