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Jin woman playing excellent step was brush single Baidu check customer service was cheated cm68.com

Jin women play excellent step was brush single Baidu check customer service and cheated nearly two days, who lives in Hebei District, the truth of the road has been cheated Lee $8498 money chagrin. 13 evening, she called the car with excellent step software, the results hit the "ghost train" malicious brush, to complain about the driver, she searched the Internet for the excellent step in the company’s customer service phone, but do not want to be a liar cheated 8498 yuan. 13 evening around 10:30, the Lee family visited relatives live in Nanjing road a hotel, ready to take a taxi to go home, "we lift from the 30 floor, the elevator when the driver orders, can just lift to the 10 floor, the other is to confirm the charges, took less than 10 yuan." Ms. Lee realized that he might be the driver of malicious brush single, so I want to find yuho customer complaints, the hotel I help him in Baidu search, find a good step unified national customer service phone phone number: 010-80444374. Call in the past, an excellent step staff, said they did monitor the abnormal charges. The phone, excellent step staff said they in addition to Lee refund the 9 yuan fare, but also for the $200 reward for the conduct of its report, and allow Lee to provide payment in the bank account, the money will be transferred to the certification after the account. I usually use WeChat payment, the other side would like me to WeChat’s payment bar code to tell him, but also specifically asked me WeChat payment limit, I told him to be 10 thousand yuan." Soon on Ms. Li to each other to provide the barcode, her WeChat bill more than two payment information display has been transferred out of 8498 yuan, "when I realized I was experiencing a liar, and then make the phone call, the other party has not answered the phone." Lee then dialed 110, and to the local police station report. According to statistics, as the release of fixed telephone through the network platform, and a software implementation of customer service car disguised fraud cases, this year 7-8 month, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation of anti fraud in the telecommunications network center received a total of nearly 30, basically is through the user’s query to the search engines such as Baidu fake customer service phone call encounter fraud, cheated amount from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. Among them, caused by abnormal fare is 10 or so, some one day the same number will succeed after another since, while a swindler often choose the frequent replacement of fixed telephone. Yuho Tianjin Market Department official yesterday also told reporters that as of now, excellent step taxi did not set the customer service phone, there are two main channels of communication, respectively, through excellent step website help page and by yuho mobile phone client inquiries or complaints. [news] reporter Wang Yuekun相关的主题文章: