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Jiaodong 3000 year old ancient villages in the ruins has more than 10 tombs delivered from oppressio-winavi

Jiaodong 3000 year old ancient villages in the ruins has delivered from oppression more than 10 tombs original title: Jiaodong 3000 year old ancient village delivered from oppression morning news yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jiaozhou Museum, in order to cooperate with the Jiaodong international airport construction, Municipal Institute of Archaeology and their formal of the original located in Jiaodong street construction area a week wangzhuangcun Zhou Dai village site of rescue explore. It is reported that the early exploration, there are many ruins of Zhou Dai pits and more than 10 different period tombs, the tombs of the Han majority, the three tombs and a Qing tombs have been excavated, the archaeological research on Zhou Dai ancestors way of life and the tombs of the Han Dynasty culture has important scientific value. The site of Zhou Dai was hidden near the village. In the past year, in order to cooperate with the construction of Jiaodong International Airport, Jiaozhou Jiaodong Street Zhou Wang Zhuang village and surrounding villages began to move. "The airport project is very big, in order to protect the underground cultural relics not to be destroyed, we have carried out a lot of exploration work earlier, this is the discovery of this site." Yesterday, in the archaeological site, an archaeological staff told reporters, from the beginning of last year, they and the archeology Institute and the Jiaozhou museum to form a joint archaeological exploration team, focusing on the construction of Jiaodong Regional Airport to begin large-scale survey, the final week of King Zhuang Cunnan in the original Jiaodong street side found the ruins of Zhou Dai 3000 years ago. After a preliminary survey and exploration, archaeologists found a site area of more than 3000 square meters, there are many underground tombs, pits, wells, kiln and other sites, mainly for the week, and tell the three period. There are more than 10 tombs in different times yesterday morning, reporters came to this site archaeological site, only a number of archaeologists are busy on the scene. "Now we have just entered the substantive excavation stage. We only cleaned up the soil layer above the site, and we worked for over half a month. The slowness was slower, but the archaeological work must not be careless." The archaeologists said, the site has been proven, in addition to Zhou Dai pits, there are more than 10 tombs, most of which is a Qing Dynasty Tombs tomb, otherwise, at present they have the Qing tombs excavated, unearthed bronze mirrors, rings, earrings, coins and other artifacts of Qianlong reign. In addition, there are no Zhou Dai tombs found in these burials. "Zhou Dai is the foundation and development period of Chinese feudal society. The outstanding grade and etiquette system have great and profound influence on all aspects of society. Among them, the form of Zhou Dai’s tomb is obviously different from other dynasties. Zhou Dai chose cemetery closer to the edge of the village. We speculate that although Zhou Dai’s tomb did not appear in the site, it probably is nearby. The archaeologists say. Many have been unearthed buried at present, archaeologists have discovered the tomb and three on the surface of multiple pits the three tomb has been excavated. Reporters noted that the three Han Tombs at an average depth of about two meters, in the tomb of corpse head to the East, every grave, close to the head position to put some funerary pottery, because of the age the pots have been broken. "Although these pots are broken, it can be on the study of the Han Dynasty ancestors life style has important significance, so we have to be careful with." Archaeologists said that from the current situation to explore, from a total of three Han tombs and several pits unearthed nearly 10 pots. A plurality of Han tomb tombs family reporters also found at the site. In some areas without excavation, archaeologists also carried out on upper soil, and marked each tombs and pits shape. In these tombs around, archaeologists also found a temporary site originally designed for tomb building and the establishment of the. According to reports, in accordance with the form of the tombs of the Han Dynasty, this should be a family tombs. "Zhou Dai remains here wells that pits, the area was a large village, coupled with the discovery of many of the tombs of the Han Dynasty, the site provides an important foundation for the study of real life and Zhou Dai ancestors graves in the Han dynasty." The archaeologists say. (reporter Mou Chengzi photography report) source: Qingdao Morning Post

胶东3000岁古村落重见天日 遗址内有10多处墓葬   原标题:胶东3000岁古村落重见天日   早报讯 昨天,记者从胶州博物馆了解到,为了配合胶东国际机场建设,市考古所与他们正式对原位于胶东街道周王庄村建设区域一处周代古村落遗址进行抢救性发掘。据悉,经前期勘探,遗址内共有多处周代灰坑和10多处不同时期墓葬,其中,墓葬以汉墓居多,目前三处汉墓及一处清墓已发掘完毕,这次考古发掘对研究周代先人生活方式以及汉代墓葬文化有着重要科研价值。   小村旁藏着周代遗址   从前年开始,为配合胶东国际机场开建,胶州胶东街道周王庄村以及周围村庄也开始整体搬迁。 “机场项目很大,为了保护地下文物不被破坏,我们前期开展了大量探测工作,这才发现了这个遗址。 ”昨天,在考古现场,一名考古人员告诉记者,从去年开始,他们与省考古所和胶州博物馆联合组成了考古勘探队,围绕胶东机场涉及的建设区域开始了大范围勘测,最终在原胶东街道周王庄村南侧发现了这个距今3000多年的周代遗址。   经过初步测绘和探测,考古人员发现这处遗址面积达3000多平方米,地下还有不少墓葬、灰坑、水井、窑址等遗迹,主要为周、汉和清这三个时期。   有10多处不同时期墓葬   昨天上午,记者来到这处遗址考古现场,只见多名考古人员正在现场忙碌着。“现在才刚刚进入实质性发掘阶段,仅清理遗址上方土层,我们就干了半个多月时间,慢是慢了些,但考古工作来不得半点马虎。”考古人员说,现已探明,整个遗址内除了有周代灰坑外,还有10多处墓葬,其中大部分为汉墓,另有清代墓葬一处,目前他们已将这处清墓发掘完毕,出土了戒指、耳环、铜镜以及乾隆通宝铜钱等器物。   另外,在遗址内这些墓葬中并没有发现周代墓葬。“周代是中国封建社会的奠基与发展时期,突出鲜明的等级与礼法制度,对社会各个方面都带来重大与深刻的影响。其中,周代墓葬形式就和其它朝代明显不同,周代人选择墓地多紧靠村庄边缘,我们推测,这个周代墓葬虽然没在遗址内出现,但很有可能就在附近。 ”考古人员说。   已出土不少陪葬品   目前,考古人员已对三处汉墓以及地表上多个灰坑进行发掘,其中,三处汉墓已经基本发掘完毕。记者注意到,这三处汉墓平均深约两米,墓葬内尸骨头部都向东,每处墓葬内,紧挨头部位置各放有一些陪葬陶罐,因年代久远这些陶罐大多都已破碎。   “这些陶罐虽然破了,可它对研究汉代先人生活方式有着重要意义,所以一定要谨慎处理。 ”考古人员说,从目前发掘情况来看,共从三处汉墓和几个灰坑中出土了近10个陶罐。   多个汉墓为家族墓群   记者在遗址还看到,在一些没有发掘的区域,考古人员还对上部土层进行了清理,并标出了每个墓葬和灰坑大致形状。在这些汉墓周围,考古人员还发现了一个当初专为造墓而设立的临时窑址。   据介绍,按照汉代墓葬形式来看,这应该是一个家族墓群。 “这里周代灰坑、水井等遗迹都说明此地曾是一个大型古村落,再加上这次发现的不少汉代墓葬,遗址对研究周代先人生活方式和汉代墓葬形制提供了重要实物依据。 ”考古人员说。 (记者 牟成梓 摄影报道)   来源:青岛早报相关的主题文章: