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Jianye Hu Baosen what is the logic of the most expensive land Housing enterprises how to live www.ddd138.com

Jianye Hu Baosen: what is the logic of the most expensive land? Housing enterprises how to live? In August 25th, China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum 2016 Summer summit opened in Xi’an City, Henan Jianye Group founder and chairman Hu Baosen attended the summit at the same time, accepted the Tencent finance interview. Hu Baosen explain this year a second tier hot city the most expensive land frequency logic, at the same time he highly differentiated housing prices in the market under the conditions of how to survive given their views. Hu Baosen believes that the hot city may be more obvious demand for some time, or demand growth is more. Business is to find the needs and meet the needs of a higher level of management is to guide the demand, and then the high level is to create demand. The frequency of central enterprises made to King logic: Zhengzhou financial Tencent this year out of 8, the most expensive land, that the most expensive land floor price of nearly forty thousand yuan. Hu Baosen: second tier cities as a real estate hotspot for some time. Henan is the largest province in China, but also a major province of traffic resources. Zhengzhou as the capital of Henan, the population base is not large enough, the population of the past few years is a net inflow of the past three years, the average annual inflow of more than 300 thousand people, which means that the rapid growth in demand for housing. Tencent Finance: Jianye strategy? Hu Baosen: Jianye not chasing the most expensive land, is not absolutely not take, according to the strategic needs. We have also participated in the auction of individual Wang, but the final competition is the central rate, with the central rate is tantamount to fight with the bank spell. Tencent Finance: central enterprises have become a considerable number of manufacturers of the king. What is their logic? Hu Baosen: first, some of the central enterprises are strategic entry. For example, China Jinmao not in Zhengzhou, this time with the most expensive land in Zhengzhou is a strategic. This is in addition to economic accounts, but also advertising accounts, strategic accounts and brand accounts, the situation is more complex. Two, some central enterprises, such as real estate XinDa, is likely to be asset allocation. Wouldn’t it be more risky if they put their assets in stocks? Three, over the years the amount of currency funds too much, to find a way out, so the cost of funds over the past few years in the past is gradually decreased, the trust financing ways of real estate development in Italy, at 8%, 9%, 10%, or even higher, there are more than 15% years of trust, the decline in interest. Corporate bonds have become one of the more popular ways of financing, good corporate debt is only 3%, the interest of 4%. We made a corporate debt this year, interest 6%, cheaper than bank loans. These are the most expensive land for other reasons, one is the anticipation of the market more optimistic; two are some listed companies according to the results, more radical, would rather not profit, to the sales to the rankings, this is also a kind of demand. So, each enterprise is not the same, each king is not the same background. The next step is to strictly control the funds to finance Wang Wang: the central bank announced in July the new loan data, almost all loans. What do you think of this phenomenon? Hu Baosen: that’s a good thing. For banks, mortgage risk is relatively low, relatively stable income. About ten years ago, Hongkong’s main commercial bank loans are mortgage loans belong to 45%. We will eventually move towards this goal. Tencent.相关的主题文章: