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Jiangsu, Rugao, a restaurant national day to sell 10 yuan of 1 cups of boiling water CaseTrus freyja

Jiangsu Rugao a restaurant national day to sell 10 yuan 1 cups of boiling water   consumer attention – Shaanxi channel: people.com.cn original title: Jiangsu Rugao a restaurant menu day to sell 10 yuan 1 cups of boiling water for consumer attention to the figure of Mr. chen. People.com.cn October 7 Nantong Xinhua (reporter Wang Jiliang) Shandong Qingdao prawn remember 38 yuan a year during the National Day? This is a restaurant in Rugao, Jiangsu in National Day this year exposed 10 yuan a cup of boiling water press. In this regard, the local price department said, catering fee determined by the market itself, but it must be clearly marked, or to inform consumers in advance, or is suspected of price fraud. According to Mr. Chen reflects more than 8 consumers, the morning of October 1st, he and his friends a line of 8 people came to the city of Rugao Zhongshan Road, a company called "eating in the dining restaurant, waiting for Gao" when asked the waiter to pour a few cups of water, the waiter asked to tea or water, Mr. Chen immediately said white boiling water can be. Results after dinner checkout, 4 cups of boiled water to charge $40, an average of 10 yuan a cup. In order not to affect your holiday mood of the play, Mr. Chen paid in accordance with the requirements of restaurant meals. The menu Mr. Chen provided, in addition to green cover casting surface in 3 cases, beef cover casting surface in 1 cases, 1 cases, buckwheat vegetable dish wonton egg cake in 2 cases, a fried grass egg in 5 cases, 4 cases and "empty cup", the corresponding amount is 40 yuan indeed. In this regard, an employee of the store said "a white boiling water charge is for the guests a long time", but this was denied that Mr. Chen said, they are more than 8 points in the shop, closing 9 points to 01 points, plus waiting for the meal is not a long time. As of press time ago, the reporter failed to contact the person in charge of the restaurant to comment on the matter. It is reported that local consumers have been concerned about the matter. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: