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Japanese media the cabinet scandals at the Andouble regime crisis reforming new network hard –xxjjyy.com

Japanese media: frequent cabinet scandal, Andouble regime crisis reorganization difficult – new net in February 14, according to Japanese media reports, recently. Japan’s former economy, finance and rebirth, resigned because of accepting money scandal, a young senator resigned because of extramarital affairs, Andouble cabinet members and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party legislators frequent scandal. Japanese media pointed out that perhaps because of Kari Aki’s resignation, the cabinet support rate has not declined, as well as the decline of the opposition party, the ruling party Liberal Democratic Party led by Andouble, from young senators to veteran members of the stupid words and deeds constantly. Japan’s prime minister’s office and the Liberal Democratic Party have begun to take action to calm the situation in April, when the stock market is considered to be the lifeblood of the Andouble regime. Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s chosuke Congress strategy committee rattan Mian 13 this month in Utsunomiya city conference that the current Congress let everyone worry ", members of the cabinet apologized for the gaffe. At the same time, we also mentioned the unease of the market, and stressed that the adoption of the new annual budget as soon as possible is beneficial to the economic development strategy". For the ruling party to promote consideration of the current Japanese Congress rhythm, concern is become the new cabinet office in October 2015 after a cabinet reshuffle. Legal phase Rock City Light British can not cope with the trans Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement (TPP) related defense, leading to repeated interruptions. In his speech on 7, Japan’s environment minister, Marukawa Zhuo, said that the annual radiation volume of the long-term goal of nuclear pollution removal by the state had no scientific basis, and then withdrew the statement. Without convening the provisional Parliament of the fall of 2015, this year’s Japanese parliament will be the first stage of formal debate for the new cabinet members. Had been careful to speak, but recently has frequent gaffes. Add insult to injury, 12, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party members of the house of Representatives Miyazaki Suke announced his resignation as an extramarital affair. The election will be carried out in April 24th, and the LDP executive department is worried about the sudden strategic adjustment. "Is it the two time to be elected?"" Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party sent a leader of such a sigh. The two elected members accounted for more than 1/3 in the Liberal Democratic Party member of the house of Representatives, more than 100 people. Around 2012, when Andouble came to power again, a large number of young members elected, in 2015 there has been a pressure on the reporting agencies and money scandal reports and other issues, so that the Liberal Democratic Party executives feel very difficult. To take Mr Abe elected a new generation of popular ride senior LDP members, "said they did not know the hardships of the election, without tension". Miyazaki, the president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, has been shocked by the scandal in February 12th. "Some people are envious," so the veteran legislators can sit back and relax. However, the opposition is still weak, and the cabinet will maintain a high level of support. The ruling party is still optimistic. "In order not to drag, hope to actively respond", Japanese Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Tanigaki 12 to the party management issued instructions. Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yi Wei also stressed at the press conference.

日媒:内阁丑闻频发 安倍政权遭遇危机重整艰难-中新网   中新网2月14日电 据日媒报道,近来。日本前经济财政与再生相甘利明因收受金钱丑闻辞职、一名年轻议员因婚外情而辞去议员,安倍内阁成员和执政党自民党议员丑闻频发。   日媒指出,或许是因为甘利明辞职后内阁支持率也并未下降,以及在野党的萎靡,在安倍率领的执政党自民党,从年轻议员到老资格议员的愚蠢言行不断。   在被视为安倍政权生命线的股市不透明性增强的背景下,日本首相官邸和自民党高层对4月的众议院补充选举和夏季的参议院选举的抱有危机感,已开始行动平息事态。   日本自民党的国会对策委员长佐藤勉本月13日在宇都宫市的会议上表示“当前国会让大家担心了”,对内阁成员的失态进行道歉。同时还提及了市场的不安,强调“尽早通过新年度预算案对景气对策有利”。   对于以执政党的节奏推进审议的当今日本国会来说,成为担忧因素的是2015年10月内阁改组后上任的新阁僚。法务相岩城光英无法应对跨太平洋经济合作协定(TPP)的相关答辩,导致审议多次中断。   日本环境大臣丸川珠代在7日的演讲中,称国家制定的清除核污染的长期目标的年度放射线量“没有任何科学依据”,之后又撤回了这一发言。   由于没有召集2015年秋季临时国会,对于新内阁成员来说,今年的日本国会将成为首个正式论战的舞台。原本一直谨慎发言,但最近却频频失态。   雪上加霜的是,12日日本自民党的众议院议员宫崎谦介因婚外情问题宣布辞去议员职务。4月24日将实施补选,自民党执行部为突然的战略调整而苦恼。   “又是二次当选议员?”日本自民党内一位派阀领袖这样感叹。二次当选议员在自民党众院议员中占三分之一以上,超过100人。   围绕2012年安倍再次上台执政时大量当选的年轻议员,2015年接连出现了向报道机构“施加压力”以及金钱丑闻报道等问题,让自民党高层感到非常棘手。   对于搭安倍人气顺风车当选的新一代议员,自民党高层表示“他们根本不知道选举的艰辛,没有紧张感”。   日本自民党参院议员会长沟手显正2月12日就被爆出桃色丑闻的宫崎表示,“也有人感到羡慕”,所以并非老牌议员就可以高枕无忧。不过,在野党攻击力不足,内阁支持率仍将维持较高水平。执政党内仍持乐观态度。   “为了不拖拉,希望积极应对”,日本自民党干事长谷垣祯一12日向党内管理层下达了指示。官房长官菅义伟也在记者会上强调,“需要保持高度紧张来开展政权运营”。   随着日元不断升值、股价不断下滑,“安倍经济学”将迎来关键时刻,在这一背景下,安倍政权正为了尽早整顿政权运营烦躁。相关的主题文章: