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James Soong will be hit by the mainland will be a significant change in the strategy of Taiwan’s Cai www.70qq.cn

The mainland will borrow Hong Xi beat Cai Yingwen James Soong of a significant shift in core tip: Taiwan commentator Lan Xuan believes that the summit is to take place, on a beat Cai Yingwen and James Soong, at the same time, the government also stay alert to Cai a little room for Cai Yingwen to respond to the latest known hope on both sides the differences by some way to go a little closer. Phoenix Phoenix November 1st "global connection", the following is the text: ‘site: Taipei orchid Xuan lady, in fact, we from the perspective of the DPP’s Xi Hong, we know that in 520 the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, Cai Yingwen did not say the 92 consensus, but the mainland for the DPP did not complete answer is not satisfactory, you think this is not satisfied in this study did not show Hong, information disclosed? In other words, the mainland has not taken this time to Hong Kong to the DPP cross-strait policy issued some kind of hint? Lan Xuan: I was quite a bit of this, a special observation, just past this time, actually want to hold the forum, including the end will not be Hong Xi debut? In fact, there is a period of time in Taiwan has a message that is not sure, then recently issued a number of changes in Taiwan, including we just talked about some of the pro independence Democratic Progressive Party head, including about APEC leaders, Cai Yingwen appointed James Soong, suddenly seems to be the forum to accelerate I think, this fact has revealed some information on the mainland side apparently hopes that by such a beginning, there have been some changes to wait for the Cai Yingwen administration, seems to think through the forum debut, may to a certain extent, lift the Kuomintang, lift Hong Xiuzhu, then give James Soong a warning to remind the DPP, I think this, held the conference itself, there have been such a message Sent out. But more special place lies in the fact that in the past, we see the Chinese authorities in the Democratic Progressive Party that has had some similar independence or independence for Taiwan’s remarks, had a more brusque manner of criticism in the past, but today he is talking to President Xi Jinping’s conversation, he is with the anti Taiwan anti secession reiterated that such a statement to express his attitude in the conversation, probably because the object is Hong Xiuzhu, is the expression of these old friends, so many words appear mild, but also great moderation. So I think, on a message, I think he conveyed a consistent view of anti taiwan independence and anti secession. But in the critical level, the Cai Yingwen administration seems to leave a little room, the room is not so Cai Yingwen in the just, I saw her to respond to the latest, Cai Yingwen said she hoped the two sides can divide again, can see you by what way, then a little closer. So it seems that Cai Yingwen also has some propaganda. So between the two sides in fact than that when Chen Shuibian, the Democratic Progressive Party first era, both sides of this call, the attitude of the opposition, I think the current situation is a stalemate and cold;相关的主题文章: