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Is the work of a female artist a rich mine? Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn day ago, foreign institutions have announced the auction data before the 20 female artists attention. It is said that women can top half the sky, but does this work in the field of art? What is the living condition of a woman artist? Is the value of his works as far as that of a man? Why can’t China get out of the world’s top female artists? The market is far less than the male woman: according to set out the auction data before the 20 female artists displayed in the Artnet database, from 1985 to May 31, 2013, as painted by the second generation abstract expressionist painter Michel’s works auction total turnover reached $239 million 800 thousand, ranking the first female artist, and Chinese famous female painter Zhou Sicong by fusion of reality China doctrine and traditional painting and calligraphy style topped the list of nineteenth, the total turnover of $46 million 800 thousand. In the female artist, Japan’s "fashion old lady" Kusama to $127 million 700 thousand ranked first, Chinese female painter Xu Lele for $16 million 800 thousand in eighth. "In addition to insiders, ordinary people may not be familiar with Zhou Sicong, Xu Lele these names as Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and Xu Beihong did so big size and famous works, and the price level is almost proportional to the." Insiders said the highest price comparison, Zhou Sicong’s works in 2011 in Beijing poly took out 17 million 250 thousand yuan, which in the domestic female artists have been with the same year turnover stand head and shoulders above others, but in the Chinese [micro-blog] Qi Baishi "pine Gao map?" the 425 million 500 thousand seal four words together than it is nothing. The. "Although in the international market, with Belt Morisot, Lewis bourgeois?? as the representative of the female artist has entered the tens of millions of dollars, but is still far from the likes of Picasso, Warhol and Richter in male names. You know, each of them has a total annual turnover of more than 250 million dollars. " Observation: the market performance evaluation of female artists very stupid obviously, to work in the market as the performance evaluation status of artists practice is very stupid, because both the museums and art galleries and auction houses, art circle of discourse consistent with the male. "To have a foothold in the market, still need strength. Some collectors have improved their self-cultivation, and they also feel that women’s things are not necessarily weak. For example, Zhou Sicong’s works are excellent in the male world. Shu Huijuan, the master of Chinese arts and crafts and the president of Jingdezhen ceramic pottery Association, admitted that the artistic styles of men and women are different because of their differences in character, hobbies and cognition. Women are relatively delicate and soft, and male is masculine. "Female artists usually focus more on expressing their inner perception of the world. When men and women are not exactly equal, women need to be successful, facing more resistance and natural limitations. Sometimes, the market is also discriminated against female artists. Some people will say, "it’s a woman’s painting." the price is not so high. If it’s a man’s painting, it will be expensive to sell. Shu Huijuan said, as a female artist, even if she is a way to master the assessment efforts, or touch to make way for others: "the final selection, all the work to go to Beijing, then judges of Jingdezhen do not understand, is to see that if. When I heard that I was commended, a lot of people in Jingdezhen were surprised: ‘how can she comment on it?’ Therefore, to be successful, female artists have to pay more effort than men. " She also said that women had less right to speak and were less likely to be wrapped up or hyped as male artists. In the long run, the sense of existence in the art circles seemed less than that of men. Embroidery artist Zhou Xueqing believes that gender differences in innate makes men more adventurous and innovative, women are relatively sensitive and introverted. "Women are more of a service to others in society and in their families, unable to concentrate on their own business. Prejudice is objective. We can’t control others’ thoughts. We need to adjust our mindset and speak with hard power to make convincing works speak for ourselves. Artists have sex, but art itself has no sex, and all artists should speak with their works. People almost never mention the concept of "male artist", once the artists are female, is naturally called "female artist", when they are labeled "female" label, also has been labeled a "minority", "special" and "marginalized" invisible label. From the perspective of observing former classmates, Wu Yangbo, a young scholar and art critic, said: "art is not equal to mother and mother, but after graduation, women are more concerned about themselves and narrowing their circles." boys are just the opposite. Thinking: why can not the China Kusama? Lewis? Bourgeois sculpture "spider" stands as a landmark in central Tokyo Roppongi Hills; Kusama LV and other fashion brands…… Many people in the industry believe that successful business operation and personality differences make foreign women artists more independent, bold and personal, and finally attract everyone’s attention and recognition. It is also reported that outstanding women including WAL-MART heir Alice, Walton, pop queen Madonna and pop star Barbara Streisand are collecting works of female artists. Many foreign institutions and collectors are looking for lower valuations of art, and women’s art works are absolutely unreclaimed new continents. So, why does China never get out of the top female artists? Ma Xuedong, director of Research Department of AMRC Art Market Research Center, said that China is not lack of first-class female artists: "we feel that women artists are few, but in fact they are only too little public knowledge." He said: "the number of female artists who are active in the domestic market is not large. Most investors and collectors are still mainly male artists, and feel that their works are more reliable or have stronger circulation capacity. At the same time, entering the museum, art galleries, auction market of women in the works is relatively small, this let the public think of them more smoke and mirrors, lack of understanding." In the domestic market, the price of the sculpture to Beijing is relatively high, and it has also accumulated a certain popularity in and out of the circle. "Some people will ask why can not China Kusama? I think Kusama is the case, to Beijing is also the case, not universal." Ma Xuedong said: "Chinese in modern and contemporary art development history is short, is not among the mainstream ranks in the world, and by virtue of Kusama combined with luxury fashion, has been active in the forefront of the international fashion. In terms of the value of the work, women artists in China need to work hard, because few people have been recognized globally. " In addition, some industry insiders believe that the domestic market is too strong, and to a certain extent suppressed ceramic plate development space and other categories of active funds, and now the mainstream in the international market is the Impressionist and modern art, this also makes the congenital asymmetry in China to world-renowned female artists. (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan)

女性艺术家作品是座富矿吗?–江西频道–人民网 日前,有国外机构公布前20位女性艺术家的拍卖数据引发关注。都说女性能顶半边天,可这在艺术领域也行得通吗?女艺术家的生存状况究竟如何?其作品的价值真如行情所表现的那样远不如男性吗?为何中国出不了世界顶尖的女艺术家呢? 市场行情:女子远远不如男 根据Artnet数据库中罗列出前20位女性艺术家的拍卖数据显示,从1985年到2013年5月31日,作为第二代抽象表现主义画家的米歇尔所绘的作品拍卖总成交额达到2.398亿美元,位居女性艺术家之首,而中国著名女画家周思聪以融合了现实主义与中国传统书画风格的作品荣登该榜单第19位,总成交额为4680万美元。在世女艺术家方面,日本的“时尚老太太”草间弥生以1.277亿美元排名第一,中国女画家徐乐乐则以1680万美元位居第八。“除了圈内人,普通民众可能对周思聪、徐乐乐这些名字毫不熟悉,根本不如齐白石、张大千、徐悲鸿那么如雷贯耳,而名气的大小与作品价格高低几乎成正比。”有业内人士对比称,周思聪成交价最高的作品于2011年在北京保利拍出1725万元人民币,这在国内女艺术家中已是鹤立鸡群,但与同年在中国嘉德[微博]成交的齐白石《松柏高立图?篆书四言联》的4.255亿比起来,可谓小巫见大巫。“尽管在国际市场上,以贝尔特?莫里索、路易斯?布尔乔亚等为代表的女艺术家作品已步入千万美元级别,但仍远不能跟毕加索、沃霍尔和里希特等男性大腕相提并论。要知道,他们每个人的年度总成交额都超过了2.5亿美元。” 观察:以市场表现评判女艺术家非常愚蠢 显然,以作品在市场中的表现作为评判艺术家地位的做法是非常愚蠢的,因为无论是博物馆、画廊还是拍卖行,艺术圈的话语权一贯掌握在男性手中。“要在市场上立足,还是需要实力。有些收藏者的修养提高了,也感觉到女性的东西不一定就是柔弱的。比如,周思聪的作品在男性世界里也非常出色。”中国工艺美术大师、景德镇女陶艺家协会会长舒惠娟在受访时坦言,由于男女在性格、爱好和认识等方面的差异,使得其艺术风格也不尽相同。女性相对细腻、柔和,男性则阳刚大气。“女艺术家通常更专注于表达内心对世界的感知,在男女并非完全平等的状况下,女性要有所成就,面对的阻力和限制自然更多。而市场有时也对女性艺术家有所歧视,有的人会说‘那是女人画的东西’,认为价格不应该那么高,而如果是男人画的,卖得贵似乎就理所当然了。” 舒惠娟表示,作为女性艺术家,即使她一路努力,到评大师的时候还是碰到要让路给别人的情况:“最后评选时,所有人都把作品送到北京去,当时评委对景德镇的情况并不了解,都是看东西说话。当得知我评上后,景德镇有不少人都大吃一惊:‘她怎么能评上呢?’因此,女艺术家要想成功,得付出比男性更多的努力才行。”她还表示,女性掌握的话语权少,也不如男性艺术家那么爱包装、炒作,久而久之,在艺术圈里的存在感似乎就更不如男性了。 苏绣艺术家周雪清则认为,与生俱来的性别差异使得男性更敢于冒险、创新,女性则相对感性和内敛。“女性在社会和家庭中,更多的是为他人服务,无法集中精力专注于自己的事业。偏见是客观存在的,我们无法左右他人的思想,就更要调整好自己的心态,用硬实力说话,让有说服力的作品为自己代言。” 艺术家有性别,可是艺术本身没有性别,所有的艺术家都应拿作品说话。人们几乎从不提“男艺术家”这个概念,而艺术家一旦是女性,则被很自然地称为“女艺术家”,当她们被贴上“女性”的标签时,也同时被贴上了“小众化”、“特殊化”、“边缘化”的隐形标签。从观察以前同学的角度出发,青年学者、艺术评论家吴杨波说:“艺术本不分公母,但美院毕业后,女性更多关注自身,圈子渐渐缩小;男生正好相反,后劲十足。” 思考:中国为何出不了草间弥生? 路易斯?布尔乔亚的雕塑《蜘蛛》作为地标矗立在东京六本木新城的核心;草间弥生与LV等时尚品牌联姻……不少业内人士认为,成功的商业运作和性格差异使得国外的女艺术家更独立、大胆、彰显个性,最终吸引众人的关注并获得认可。另据报道,包括沃尔玛继承人艾丽斯?沃尔顿、流行天后麦当娜以及歌星芭芭拉?史翠珊等杰出女性都在收集女艺术家作品。国外的众多机构和收藏家都在寻找估值较低的艺术品类,而女性艺术作品绝对是尚未开垦的新大陆。 那么,为何中国一直出不了顶尖的女艺术家?AMRC艺术市场分析研究中心研究部主管马学东表示,中国并非缺乏一流的女艺术家:“我们感觉女艺术家很少,其实只不过是公众了解得太少。”他说:“活跃在国内市场中的女艺术家人数并不多,大多数投资者和收藏者仍以追捧男艺术家为主,觉得他们的作品更保值或者流通能力更强。同时,进入博物馆、画廊、拍卖市场中的女性作品也相对较少,这更让大众觉得雾里看花,对她们越发缺乏了解。” 在国内市场中,向京的雕塑作品价格相对较高,在圈内外也积累了一定的人气。“有人会问中国为何出不了草间弥生?我觉得草间弥生只是个案,向京也是个案,不具有普遍性。”马学东说:“中国的近现代、当代艺术发展历程还比较短暂,在国际上仍无法跻身主流行列,而草间弥生凭借与时尚奢侈品的结合,一直活跃在国际流行最前沿。从作品价值看,中国的女性艺术家还需要努力,因为还没几个人能得到全球范围的认可。” 此外,也有业内人士认为,国内市场过于强势的书画、陶瓷板块一定程度上压制了其他门类的发展空间和资金活跃度,而如今国际市场上的主流是印象派和现当代艺术,这种先天的不对称也令中国女性艺术家无法享誉全球。 (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章: