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Irkutsk lovers — Angara – Sohu Tourism candy boy

Irkutsk lovers — Angara – Sohu travel the world’s largest freshwater lake in Lake Baikal, there are 336 rivers into them, but only a river — the Angara River outflow from the lakes. Angara gave me the feeling of how to say? She is like Irkutsk lover, accompanied by the Irkutsk Siberia this beautiful smile, never abandon forever. The trip to Irkutsk in two came to the Angara River, once in a quiet village, one is in the center of Irkutsk. The location of the play, with the side of the Angara river changes to visitors to show their different charm. Is the first time the car came to Irkutsk distance of tens of kilometers, covered by forest Talici wooden National Museum, saw in the forest of silence of the Angara river. Remember that morning was a sunny weather, with our old Soviet car all the way through the vast expanse of the forest, the optic nerve was completely occupied by the four colors, the retina receives is the blue sky, green leaves, trunk brown and highway schungite, present in your eyes the picture is very clean and clear. I found in Siberia on this piece of land, whether flowers or blue color collocation Castle contests, will make you feel good to hear or see the fresh air in high transparency. Talici wooden National Museum is located in a green forest, in October 13, 1969 for the Irkutsk reservoir was built around 150, respectively from a typical house relocation to the 67 hectares, located on the Angara river of Siberia’s largest wooden building museum here quietly telling people along the Lake Baikal from 17 to twentieth Century the daily cultural life, including many Eastern nomadic living facilities: animal skins, birchbark tent Evenk, Buryat Mongolia slum, the ancient Russian Buryat national wooden hut, hut, and granary, baths, sheds etc.. It shows the evolution process of the dwelling houses in Siberia during the past several hundred years, which reflects the true portrayal of the lives and lives of the Russians and aborigines. Into these vicissitudes dignified in the cabin, you can see the old spinning wheel, high bed and Russian stove. The exhibition building and furnishing, outside of the production tools are built to restore the shift, plain mellow Try to save the original, House residents living appliances, office facilities, production tools, places of worship are placed outside to tell the time print. What surprised me most was that all the doors of the house were very low, which means that when you go in, you must show your respect to the host. This explanation is personally feel a little bit out of tune, the Russians tall, had to bow to the more than 1 meters 5 wicket forced each of the guests? Impossible, absolutely bow waist, where it is respect for the owner, this is like in the bid farewell to the master remains! Besides, to enter the cabin every door is not the highest number of guests, is living in the house owner, grandfather to grandson into the house with a bow? Once again into the living room and gave his son a bow.相关的主题文章: