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Irelands August Lodge Owner Arrested But Acquitted-kd.wuhan.net.cn

News-and-Society The August Lodge, of Bismol, Ireland, was the scene of a mistaken arrest. The had been accused of destruction of property, but was immediately exonerated. ———- By: Jan Rilke The August Lodge owner who was arrested for removing a surveyor’s stake from the property of the August Lodge, in Bismol, Ireland was acquitted today in Bismol’s High Court. The Magistrate had the owner charged removing the wooden pole. The surveyor had noticed the stake was missing in early August and had reported it to the Bismol authorities, who arrested the owner. The August Lodge is a country inn, which, although it lies on the edge of town, is all the same located in a populated precinct. The owner testified that the wooden pole was in a potentially perilous site because children often romp in that vicinity, and he was just undertaking to safeguard them from eventually tumbling on it and hurting themselves. He also testified that he had not assigned any surveying on his site, and therefore had no reservations about removing the wooden pole. When the case came to court, the surveyor admitted that the said stick had been mistakenly located on the August Lodge property while surveying the neighboring property. In a statement to the regional press, the Village Solicitor hadn’t been made aware of this fact when bringing the suit to hearing, or he would not have filed the case. The effects on the August Lodge’s trade were minimal, because the alleged crime was not a serious one, said the owner. When first reported, the case brought more derision on the owner of the surveying company that brought the suit, than on the owner of the August Lodge. The local media had a field-day with headlines like "Ireland’s August Lodge Owner Arrested And Acquitted with Niggling Assertion" and "Surveyor Brings Prosecution of Lodge Owner, But Neither Party Has A Stake in It." The August Lodge owner told a reporter that he would not be retaliating in court against the surveyor. ———- For more news about lodge owner arrested, visit http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/rss/ci_19064319 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: